Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Evaluate your life

Last 9th Aug, 2005 was my birthday. I've been thinking about it. I mean, every birthday, I think we should all evaluate what we have done for the past year. What we have achieves, what our goals are for the future etc.

For me personally, there are a whole lot I haven't done and achieved in life. There are still dreams that I want to fullfil. It's always said that human plan but only GOD's will can make it happen. Of course that doesn't mean that we should give up when the going get's tough. It just show life ain't easy and struggle (jihad) is part of life. As you know some people take the easier way out and just quit. Are you a quiter? I certainly am not!

Of course, like others I have never thought of the future. I live day by day. I didn't have any goals, any plan what to do with the rest of my life. The other day, me and my friend was just talking about the youth nowadays. It seems they have no moral sense, no plan, no goals, no whatsoever!

All they want to do is to party away all day long without thinking of the consequences. Yeah right, wait till they reach my age. They'll start to realize what fools they were. Responsibility starts to kick in. I guess, that's good in a sense that the older they get, the more wiser they become. Some people of course, they stay 17 all their life!

They never seems to want to grow up. We call this people... assholes! Shithead! Buttheads!

Err...okay. You get what I mean?

Anyway, life is a destination. We are all in small boat called earth. We have to live with each other. Be patience, with each other. Learn from each other. And sometime we do fight with each other. But, remember, we are all together in a small boat. One idiot, and we'll all sink!

So, do yourself a favour and every birthday, evaluate your life. Is it going for the better? Have we help enough people get through life? Have we improve ourself for that matter?

It's time to think things through...

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