Friday, August 19, 2005

Are YOU a believer?

Okay, this post might freak you out. So, beware!

Let me first ask you a question. Are you a believer in GOD? A believer in GOD and his wills?

For some of you out there, I know you're an atheis. That's your problem with HIM. But, this post is not about the "un-believer". This post is a subject that just hit me and get's me thinking.

You see, it just hit me that, really there's nothing GOD can't do. I mean what is your knowledge about GOD? What do you know about GOD? What do you think a GOD should be? And the question goes on. Of course, in my religion Islam, we are taught a certain characteristics about GOD that we should believe and also some of the things that we shouldn't believe. Example, GOD is not a man or a woman. GOD stand by Himself and he has no children, no father, no mother, no relatives etc.

I know other religion have their own belief. I don't want to bash them. Let them think for themselves if their religion is base on truth or just pure conjecture. I don't care, as long as I know where I stand. But, I'm not here to promote my religion. That's not the point of today's posting.

As I said, I have my own belief and you have yours.

Here's what I'm getting at. You see, in "this world" in "this reality" that we are all in. Is it really reality? Have you thought of why man can't fly and soars freely among the clouds above? GOD created earth and created "laws" which we have to follow no matter what. HIS "law" state that man can't fly but birds can. I'm not talking about man flying in an aeroplane here. I mean really fly free like a bird. Like a "superman" does. You see if GOD wills it, you and me CAN fly like superman. If GOD "delete" the "laws" that govern gravity, the need for wings etc.

In this world, we are restricted in some ways and man always try to find a way around GOD restrictions. Man created aeroplane so that he can fly. Created rockets so he can go to the moon. Man build machines, cars, bicycle, house to improve the way we do things, the way we live. GOD knows what man can and cannot do. GOD see what you can and cannot see. GOD sometime put a veil on your eyes to protect you. But some are allowed to see what others can't see. Some will do good with what GOD has shown them, some will seek to hide it from others for selfish reasons. If you study history and look back at where we once were and where we are now, you'll know that there's more to life. There's more to discover about life. There's so much to learn in our short lifespan. That shows you how small we are compare to GOD. Man use to thought that they are GOD, but GOD always shows them how wrong they were. Because of their limited knowledge of the world they live in. If you think you know it all then, just look around and you'll see, that isn't the truth.

If you believe in GOD, you will know that GOD can do anything. He can create peace on earth but he doesn't. Why? Of course there's a reason for it. But, let think for a second. Why is there war, famine, poverty? Have you ever thought that men themselves is the reason for this? Why look to GOD when He has provided you with brain, with the resources to do something about all this problem?

Men themselves has created all these problem. Where there's a will, there's a way. Ever heard of this saying? Have GOD ever stop you from achieving anything that you so desires? We limit ourselves on what we can and cannot do. In this world, there's really nothing that you can't do. Even if you wish to be a superman! The only reason we can't be superman or superwoman for that matter because GOD has set laws that we have to follow. And man always try to find a way around this laws. That's where our brain comes in. GOD give us brain to utilize it. For us to store information, to use that information to help ourselves. To govern ourselves. GOD gives us brain so that we create a hammer that our hand can use to bind woods together to build a house, boats. In time we improve our knowledge through our own research, brain storming to improve things. To improve our life.

Now, GOD can show Himself to the world and say "I am GOD". Even if there's people who don't believe HIM right there and then he will destroy them. It's so easy to do all this. It's so easy for GOD to end it all. But GOD has set a time for all that to happen. When? Well, it's not really a question of when it's just a question of will you be ready? Be ready for judgement day? Be ready to "see" GOD with your own eyes? See the truth with your own eyes? Seeing is believing. On earth, people want to see GOD and then they'll believe. Like I said, it's so easy for GOD to show himself to us and end it all. But, the time will come when it's time.

For now, just believe...

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