Saturday, August 27, 2005

Liverpool..KING of Europe

I'm having a headache. No, not because Liverpool won the Europe SuperCup this morning (singapore time). But, because I stay up late to watch the soccer match. Although, I didn't really watch the whole match. I was almost half-asleep. Because of that I'm having headache the whole day today.

Liverpool was a goal down before half-time and a quarter after the breaks. Then Cisse came in as a substitute and guess what? Liverpool with his help actually score 3 and win the European Supercup!

CSK really doesn't put much of a fight. Yes, they have a good chance of winning the same as Liverpool but somehow Liverpool always had the extra to go all the way and win back. The same as during the European champions League last year. I always thought, they have the Bull-dog mentality to go all the way. That's why Ac Milan took them for granted and they pay for it.

It's good actually to watch Liverpool hold up the cup. They have been in the doldrums for so long getting the stick and relying only on past glory. But, there's a problem. They don't really play good entertaining football!

If they really want to be KING of Europe, they should start playing good football and win at the same time.

Well, that's it for now. A good thing my headache is getting a little bit better. They're going to show Premiership Saturday Soccer match right now. So got to go.

Have a great weekend people!

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