Thursday, September 21, 2017

Nintendo Switch project Octopath Traveler RPG demo gameplay

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con (In stock 24th Sept)

Hey guys,

Check this out!

This is the latest rpg game coming soon to the Nintendo Switch!

The, project Octopath Traveler, 2d graphic is beautiful and interesting. It's in 2d but, you can see the moving trees and even clothes that the characters are wearing.

The battles are the same as any other strategic turned-base games. But, I like that better than the one in Fire Emblem warriors. I don't like the battle scenes in that. Looks, nonsensical. There, I said it. :p

It's such a shame, because Fire emblem game series for the 3ds were good. I'm definitely going to get project Octopath. Can't wait for the game to come out!

Anyway, watch my demo gameplay of the game. And, if you haven't yet got your own Nintendo Switch, get it now. While stock last!

Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con (in stocked 24th sept)

The games coming up for Nintendo switch are heating up. With the coming Doom and Wolfenstein latest franchise. Big, Tripple AAA games developers are only now realizing that their games can be played on the switch!

The fact that you can play these games on the go are what really making people excited. Imagine, playing the latest games like call of duty, destiny 2, overwatch, mobo, grand theft auto, fallouts, mass effect and even Diablo on the bus or trains!

The possibilities are endless!

It's good that Nintendo are opening up to let these games to be on the switch. Gamers been looking for ways to play such games on the go for so long. I know, I'm one of them. Yeah, you got laptops. But, their batteries suckz. And, most of the time it's heavy!

The Nintendo Switch are light and fit right inside your backpack. You can carry it around without breaking your back. It's battery can mostly last more than 3-4 hours of your travelling time. What it lacked is the multimedia capabilities like watching youtube or surfing the net (currently).

I hope, they'll allow apps to be created for the switch. I'll like to hear some music streaming from spotify or TuneIn radio. That would be nice!

There're so many things, the switch can be capable of. But, it all depends on Nintendo of course!

So, enjoy and happy gaming!

P.S. Nintendo Switch with Gray Joy-Con (in stocked 24th sept)

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