Monday, September 04, 2017

Lewis Black: Comedian, Author and Social Critic

Lewis Black: The Rant is Due [Explicit]

Hey guys,

Check out this video of Lewis Black giving a 'speech' at the Amphitheater.

Chautauqua Institution Published on Aug 7, 2017

Visit their website at for more information about their lectures.

"From disgusting comedy clubs to the prestigious White House Correspondents’ dinner, Lewis Black has stood on a lot of stages over the course of his career."

"The Amphitheater podium from which he spoke Monday morning was different, though. “I don’t know if you realize that what goes on here, now, is completely counter to what’s occurring in the country,”

"Black said. “So you have to realize,” he continued, “that this, what you’re doing, is wrong.” Opening Week Six: “Comedy and the Human Condition,” Black — the comedian, social critic and noted “king of rant” — dove straight into discussing the dichotomy between Chautauqua’s scholasticism and the rest of America’s insistent lack thereof. "

For more information about this lecture, please visit

Check out some of Lewis Black other work below:

In God We Rust [Explicit]

Stark Raving Black [Explicit]

Lewis Black: Black on Broadway

Black To The Future

If you don't laugh at his jokes then, you're a prick!


P.S. Lewis Black: The Rant is Due [Explicit]

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