Friday, September 29, 2017

Arduino lcd display test and text coding - Get your own Arduino kits!

Arduino Starter Kit - English Official Kit With 170 Page Book - K000007

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Finally. It works!

After hours of checking out tutorials on youtube and websites. Tinkering, with the wirings and even bought me a soldering iron set to solder the pins to the LCD display. It's actually my first time soldering stuff together. So, it looks a little haphazard.

Once, you've followed the setup, you'll need to check out the coding too. There're tons of sample tutorials you can follow and even modified the code. Just google or visit other videos on the youtube channel.

It's much easier to learn if you get an Arduino official kit so that you can immediately start learning and doing at the same time. It's good for beginners (like me!).

Goto: if you want to learn more about products and coding software. Get the Arduino starter kit below!

Arduino Starter Kit - English Official Kit With 170 Page Book - K000007

  • Parts and instructions are included for 15 projects involving a DC motor, servo motor, tilt sensor, LEDs and other basic electronic components.
  • Projects you can make:
  • Light the RAM in - create a musical instrument you play by waving your hands
  • Knock lock - tap out the Secret code to open the door
  • Digital hourglass - a light-up hourglass that can stop you from working too much

Get yours right now!

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Note: The video is not a tutorial. It's just to show what I've managed to learn and do. I'm still learning. It's really fun when you manage to get it to work after hours of scratching your butts, err...I mean my head.

You can check other tons of tutorials from others online!


P.S.Arduino Starter Kit - English Official Kit With 170 Page Book - K000007

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