Friday, September 15, 2017

Gunung Padang Pyramid - Scientists PREVENT Excavation of Chamber INSIDE World's Oldest

Rewriting Prehistory with the Javanese Pyramid of Gunung Padang

Hey guys,

Whoa...did brian just said there are corruptions even in the scientific world?

Scientist who are close-minded. Doesn't want to lose their paycheck. Who would prefer that the truth be hidden from the public. Or rather, doesn't want to open their mind to the possibilities that they are wrong all this while?

Which, by the way, have been proven time and time again!

Haven't we heard all this before?

In watching, all these controversial videos, I'm surprised that scientist are always eager to deny any new data that are presented to them. I can't blame them. They deny, existence of Adam, the first man ever to step on earth. They even deny the existence of God!

They think, the world exist by evolution or revolution or whatever. Okay, I'm not saying that the theory of evolution are wrong. Just think about it, God created everything. But, HE didn't just create something as it is. He let things evolves.

As an example, Man, didn't suddenly become clever. They learned, they adapt, they evolves. When, God created man, he wasn't ugly (created as man are today). If not, I won't blame satan when asked to bow to him (as show of respect), he refused (religions belief).

Hear, me out. Scientist, been talking about the "Big Bang" theory. For me, that's how God, get things started. From there, everything get into place. And, earth was created. But, earth just didn't exist by it's own. Can you see, how things might look like total chaos but it was, 'control chaos'?

Why is there a moon that orbit around us?

Why does the Sun exist?

Why does everything seems to fall in place?

The Origin Of The Universe: Science Masters Series

You can totally see, that everything are there for a reason. Down, to the little atoms. Things, just don't exist without a reason. Man, doesn't exist without a reason. With every action, there will be a re-action. For every white, there is the existence of black and so forth.

The scientific world, pride themselves on research and real facts. But, sometime, the real facts doesn't comply to their existing knowledge and they refused to acknowledge. Know, that there are things in this world that are beyond our comprehensions.

Just my 2 cts!

Rewriting Prehistory with the Javanese Pyramid of Gunung Padang

Watch Brian show!


P.S. Rewriting Prehistory with the Javanese Pyramid of Gunung Padang

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