Wednesday, September 20, 2017

When iPod ruled the world - My 80GB 5th Gen iPod MP3 player - 12 years later !!

Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation)

Hey guys,

Remember this?

It's the 5th gen 80gb ipod that I bought almost 12 years ago!

iPod, used to rule the world!

I admit, I've been keeping it aside inside my drawer for so long. It have so many music, movies, videos, games and loads of backup files inside. I've actually also bought an ipod nano. But, decide to sell it off.

I still keep my ipod though. I remembered, when I bought it, the sales lady asked me why I got the 80gb version. I replied that I needed the space. 80gb, was really huge back then. After playing around with it and mostly used it for backing up my files, I only left around 3gb!

Yesterday, I decided to check out my ipod. But, it doesn't seem to work. I tried the, press center + menu tricked to force start. It still doesn't goes to menu. I decided to change to other cables and finally wins 10 and iTunes recognize it. I can see my files inside the file managers.

For some reason, the ipod won't go to the menu section. I backup some of my music to my pc and re-install the ipod. Now, my ipod are working fine again. I also have at least 73gb of space back. I'll slowly rebuild my collections of movies and songs again.

I listened to my ipod until i fell asleep. Feel like old time!

Are dedicated mp3 player like the iPod relevant today?

We can definitely do a lot with our phones nowadays. Apple latest iPhone 8 and iPhone X are selling at 64 and 256gb memory space. More than enough to store your music, movies and games. But, we tend to forget, it's still a phone.

We still need to be conservative and using it as a dedicated multimedia consumptions. That's where I think, the iPod can still be relevant. Of course, it doesn't have big touch screen. And, there are actually touch screen ipod.

I believe though, that the iPod have their own markets too. Most people, don't look at their ipod when playing music. They're not interested in the big screen or being able to scroll through music by touch. Although, that might be better.

Nowadays, audiobooks are also popular. So, isn't it cool to be able to listen to stories on your ipod beside just music?

I'm pretty sure the blind would love a small dedicated audiobook device like the ipod. They can bring to anywhere and everywhere. A voice activated ipod would be cool. Even for us!

I just think, that Apple totally giving up on the iPod is a waste. It's always good to have varieties of products to sell. Instead of just depending on the iPhone or the macbook. Every time, I search through google, I'll find customers talking about the iPod.

I wonder, if one day, Apple will decide to do a limited version of the iPod. Maybe, with a touch click wheel. Batteries, that would last for days or months. Bigger 256gb storage for music, audiobooks, movies and games.

Don't forget the cool advertising!

Check out the version of ipods you can actually still get right now!

Apple 80 GB iPod AAC/MP3 Video Player 5.5 Generation (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Apple iPod touch 32GB 4th Generation - Black (Certified Refurbished)

Apple iPod touch 32GB (5th Generation) Blue

Apple iPod touch 32GB Blue (6th Generation)

Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation)

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black (7th Generation) (In Plain White Box)

Apple MD480LL/CALI iPod nano 16GB Silver (7th Generation) with Generic Earpods & USB Data Cable (Bulk Packaging)

Apple - iPod shuffle 2GB MP3 Player (6th Generation - Latest Model) - Gold

Apple iPod nano 4 GB 3rd Generation (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Apple iPod Nano 8th Generation, 16GB- Space Grey + Extra Accessories Package *LATEST MODEL Released July, 2015*

Take note though, all of these products sold are mostly discontinued. Some are reused and refurbished. And, you're basically on your own. But, the good news is, there're tons of info you can get on the internet if you need help.


P.S. Apple iPod Classic 160 GB Silver (7th Generation)

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