Friday, September 01, 2017

This is Kano: Make a computer, learn to code

Click here to get Kano Computer Kit with Screen!

Hey guys,

Have you got the Kano Computer kit yet?

Kano Computer Kit Complete | Make a laptop. Learn to code

Get the Kano computer kit with screen kit too. It's great for kids and adults alike. Learn how to build your own screen and learn coding at the same time. The Kano OS, has a nice simple user interface that you can play with and have fun!

Kano Screen Kit

Fun with learning!

If you ever wanted to learn coding then, Kano Computer kit comes complete with all the learning tools you'll need to learn at your own phase and time. Gift it to your children so that they can learn the basic of computer parts and even build it themselves.

Kano also have other products like the pixel kit, motion sensor kit and more coming up soon!

Have fun playing games by using motion sensor!

Kano Motion Sensor Kit Motion Coding Kit

Create your own lighting with coding!

Kano Pixel Kit Led Coding Kit

Check out the video!

Learning can be so much fun!

Happy computing!

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