Sunday, September 10, 2017

Making my own DIY cute Zen money plant with small plastic container!

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Hey guys,

Check it out!

A couple of years ago, I brought back a pot of money plant that people threw away at work. I cut off part of the plant and put it at several places in my house. The money plant is easy to maintain and they grow very fast!

Extra Large Chinese Money Plant - Pass It On Plant - Pilea peperomioides -4" Pot

Here's my DIY of putting a money plant on a re-used small plastic container. I put some colored stones and a pebble in it. Pour some water and voila!

The plant in the video used to be only three. But, the other week a baby money plant sprout out. For one thing, the water can last probably a week and you'll have to fill it up. But, I remembered a gardener told me that you need to change the water every day.

Desk Accessory for The Office - Money Plant Seed Packet, Peat Pellet, Wooden Cube Planter with"My Skills Pay The Bills" Design - Employee Appreciation Gift

For me, plants give a little 'life' to your house. It looks nice and also, make your room a little fresh. Of course, there're lots of plants that you can put indoors and it's really your choice and preferences. Some, like white lilies and other roses.

So, if you feel your house or room feel a little dull and mundane?

Get a plant!

Especially, those that are easy to maintain.

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Happy planting!

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