Friday, September 01, 2017

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Hey guys,

I got this as a present from a lady at work. Who wanted to show her appreciation for me and my colleague for always helping her.

It's very nice of her and the cookies was delicious. But, actually I can't remember was it cookies or chocolate. I tried to look around for the same product but it doesn't seem to exist.

The "Lambertz" company does exist though. They're a german company that sells chocolate and other assortment cookies. All I know is, they're delicious and if you want to try them out you can actually get it from Amazon.

Here's some of the products they sell:

Lambertz Chocolate Cookies, 500g

Lambertz Best Selection Biscuit Assortment Gift Box 2.2 Pound/1000 g

Lambertz HL Exquisit 200g (Cookie Assortment 7oz)

Lambertz - Modern Art Premium Chocolate Cookie Assortment - 500g (Case of 7) (ship from UK)

Lambertz Balena Cookies Dipped in Dark Chocolate 4.4oz

I'll still keep this music box. I put some of my stuff inside.

By the way, anybody know what music is this?


P.S. Lambertz Chocolate Cookies, 500g

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