Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Playstation, Xbox 360 games: Bought Halo Reach, Kane & Lynch 2!

Just bought Halo: Reach for my xbox and Kayne & Lynch 2 for my PS 3. Tried it out for awhile. The Halo definitely have a different feel to it. Great, intro movie. I attached the video above.
Kane & Lynch is definitely non-stop actions. I tried the demo on my pc and xbox. So, today, finally bought the full game. It's totally different from the first Kane & Lynch. I didn't like it but my nephews love the co-ops.

I thought of getting Mafia 11 and Split seconds. Tried both demo on pc and the xbox/ps3. Geez, if I wasn't thinking of the other games I'm getting soon when they are out like COD: Black Ops, Medal of Honour, Crysis 2, Gears of War 3 and many more!

2011 is going to be an awesome year for gamers!


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