Happy eidul fitri al-mubarak to all muslims!

Since I was young, I was taught about Islam. I read books about Muhammad and his companions. About, his way of life. About, the man. Yes, he is human. A normal human being. But, unto him was thrust the duty and knowledge about God, about other prophets before him. And, he is to be a messenger of God. The last messenger, the last prophet.

Humankind, will have no excuse that messengers have been send to them to be reminded of retributions. To each his own and belief. Man, always forget. They forget their place or where they come from and their promises. To be given time to do what their wish on this temporary abode called, earth. If you do bad, then hell is your place and if you do good? Of course, there's heaven. This is what God promise you and unlike us mankind, He doesn't forget His promises.

You know, God, doesn't need you but it is you that need God. God, created the universe so that man can learn and discover the wonder of the world, the universe. But, human. They, forget where they come from. They forget to give God, His 'dues'. God, provide you with so much and he doesn't really ask for much but the remembrance of Him. God, of the universe. The creator, the Holy. The One who stands alone and the Almighty. He can destroy and He can creates. He, shows you miracles in the hope you will realize that life is just a mirage. That, there's something out there provided especially for you, the believers. God, doesn't ask for much. He doesn't want you to create temple of gold. He, doesn't need food or water or whatever to live. He is unlike non-others.

I know, this concept of God is incredible and awesome to us mere mortal to comprehend and I don't pretend to know either. But, it's the fact. It's life. It's the truth. And, inside the Al-Qur'an
lay the truth. If you read it, if your heart is pure wanting to learn, wanting to know then you'll discover it. If your heart is as dark as the oil that burns then you'll discover nothing and learn nothing.

Now, Muhammad peace be unto him (pbuh) had gone through untold diversity to bring mankind to the light. He has been spits upon, thrown stones, hurl insults. It took him 23 years preaching about Islam to the Arabs itself!

Is it any different then what we Muslims are facing right now?

He left us the Al-Qur'an and his Sunnah. And, remind us to always turn to it in time of needs, hardship or misgivings. It's like a bottle of medicine that will cure you of sickness. Sickness of the heart, the brain, the body, mind and soul.

Since, the first day Muhammad (pbuh) was told that he is going to be a messenger of God, he has had untold hardship. The Muslims then, were prosecuted and despised. Much, like the situation now. Although, a bit different. How, I wish that Muhammad could live today to give us guidance and to show to the 'ignorant' the real truth about life. Then, they will stop all this nonsense of discriminating Islam and Muslims.

I know, all this rubbish about burning the Al-Qur'an or drawing cartoons of Muhammad will never stop as long as humankind exist. Life, ain't perfect and do you think that you will go to heaven without being tested in life?

It's certainly not easy being a Muslim in this current situation but told to be truth, Islam is my religion. There's no other God but Allah and Muhammad is his last prophet and messenger of mankind. The ignorant, can burn mosques, Al-Qur'an and even us the believers but Islam will always prevail till the end of time. The day, nobody knows about Allah or read the Al-Qur'an will be the day the world finally end.

Muslims, all over the world has to know that this hardship we're facing right now is all just a test of our faith and let them insult us, insult our religion, our God, our beloved prophet and the Al-Qur'an. The time will come when, we will be the one asking and where are those that were proud and didn't believe us?

God, is merciful towards those who believe in Him and to those who doesn't?

He, God, will hit them HARD and they will beg Him for mercy but alas it's all too late.

My dear fellow Muslims. Be, thankful that we are Muslims and do good. Give alms. Help the weak, innocents and the poor. Respect, to your elders and give shelter to the orphans. Protect, your children and your women.

So, my dear fellow Muslims. I wish a happy eidul fitri al-mubarak!

Allah, is great!

P.S. Below is some great site on Al-Qur'an >>


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