Home is where your heart is..

This morning, I read an article about an expat who had been 'advice' to leave Singapore every chance she get. If you ask any Singaporean, most of them will tell you the same thing. It's like a mantra we practice all day long. Ha ha!

But, to her it's a non issue as she thinks that it's not important where you are but what you do with your life that is. Yes, Singapore is getting over-crowded, it's small, it's too competitive, too expensive to live in and blah blah etc.

It's still a country she love to live in. Time to time, she'll travel to other Asian countries for a holiday with her family but even her son ask her why would they have to hassle to other places looking to relax beside an over-crowded pool when they have a better pool at their condo?

I've read other articles about how some other expats open their own business or find work as actress or singers base in Singapore. Venturing out to other Asian countries. To them, Singapore is a great place to live in and work. It's like a goldmine to them. Hey, you go where the money is. True?

The recent Youth Olympic Games (YOG) shows two side of Singaporeans. The Ugly, who finds fault in everything there is about Singapore and the proud Singaporean who in spite of it's flaws still gave their best in everything they do no matter what others say.

It's been on the news for the whole world to see and now with the Internet it's been totally rampant. Just, go to any forum and you'll see plentiful of un-ashamed Singapore bashing. Bahh.. you can't please everyone right?

Personally, I'm happy living in Singapore. Well, not because I'm rich. I know, some say only the rich can afford to live in Singapore. But, I beg to differ. Just, like what one of the expats say, it's really up to you to make your life a living hell or a comfortable place to live in for the rest of your lives.

Although, I'm not rich or successful. I don't shift the blame to the Govt like what some Singaporeans seems to like doing. If you can't succeed in Singapore, then you should blame yourself. If you don't study hard, work hard, live within your means why blame others when you fail or totally in debt?

Why gamble away your life savings in the two new casinos?

Only, idiots will do that. I believe if you're freaking rich and feel like gambling away some of your money 'for fun' then do so. But, if you have family to support, kids to feed or only work as a manager with earnings of only a few thousands why take the risk. For the sake of making a quick buck?

Greed, will bring you nowhere.

Yeah, I know Singapore ain't perfect. So, does the other countries that you think is way better then Singapore. Anywhere, you go in the world there's always something that's going to bug you. Bad politician with bad policies. Cruel dictator. War, famine, drought and what have you. Look, life isn't perfect. All, of us have our own problem.

It's all in your mind.

I'm born and bred here and since I was a boy I've been through a lot. And, I mean a lot. I have a broken nose, long scarred thigh, broken back bone and been in a fist fight couple of times. I'm 38 and still single, not rich and my job suckz. BIG TIME!

Yes, there's pressure and once awhile I do get angry with what's been happening in Singapore. But, there's nowhere else I can go or want to go. This is my land, my country and one day I'll die and be buried somewhere in lim chu kang. IF, there are any more space left by that time.

In short, stop whining and just do it!

If you think you're able to leave Singapore and lead a better life somewhere else then do so. There will always be people who will come and live in Singapore and there will also be people that will choose to leave. It's your personal choice. Whatever, reasons. Good luck!

Truly, home is where the heart is..

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