Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holy Sh*t! I'm 38!



First off, august 9th was my birthday and now I'm fully 38. And, in 2 years time I'll be 40!

Wow! It just blows my mind that I'll soon be that OOoooldd ..haha!

Truly, to think back all those years that had passed. The good and the bad. A whole lot of sh*t been happening in my life. But, as they say goes on. Sometime, though. I wonder if it's worth it going on. Bleh's just sh*t talking.

I haven't post on my blog since like forever!

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He must be counting the money up there somewhere!

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Well, anyway. That's all for my post today. I just log in to my blog after a long while and there's some updating I'm gonna do. So, till then. Good day!