Sunday, August 09, 2009

I'm feelin kind of new today

So, it's my birthday today. And, I feel kind of new today. I don't know why. The feeling is as if it's another new beginning for me, I guess. New age, new day, new adventures. I do feel like I want everything to be new. Like maybe, it's time for a new girlfriend? Ha ha!

I also want a new hand phone, not need but want. I want new cloth, new laptop (I'm typing on my 'old' Eee pc) and basically everything new. Out with the old and in with the new!

Sometime, in life, new changes is needed. Some, try to resist change in their life but me? Nope.

I like new changes in my life once in awhile. Things, kind of get old pretty fast nowadays anyway right? Ha ha.

Kind to think of it, I've been bored with my life for awhile now. I need to do new things. But, I'm still wondering what. I look around and there's really not much to do or anything new. I do like my new iphone though. Okay, not so new now since the iPhone 3G S is out. But, I like the fact that there's basically new games coming out practically everyday for the iPhone. I like visiting everyday to check out if there's any new game on the App store. I'm still wondering if there's any new FPS for the iPhone. There's one coming up new from Gameloft. Really looking forward to it. Hope it won't disappoint though.

I guess, I like to read about new tech stuff news too. Especially, new gadgets. I like visiting and These are just some of the sites I like visiting everyday 'cause you never know what new things you can discover.

Talking about discovering new stuff online, I also like watching History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel etc. They offer new stuff for me to learn and it's pretty interesting. I like the show about the Universe or about life millions of years ago, about past world where we didn't know exist. We are basically living in world within worlds!

Think about it, when we think we already know or seen all the things in life then life surprises us with new info and new knowledge. Well, it's not really surprising. God, already stated that if you cut all the trees on earth to use as pens and all the water on earth as inks, it's still not enough to write all the knowledge that there is. There's nothing static in life and we will keep moving on even after we are dead. Makes you think doesn't it?

Ahhh... the wonder of life. I guess, I was wrong, there's still new things to be discover in my life and I just need to get off my butt. Ha ha!

Well, I guess, that's it for today. Still haven't bathe and drink my hot coffee. Have a good day and oh yeah, Happy birthday to me and happy birthday to my country, Singapore. Pray for more good, new things to come. :)