Don't lose your soul

So, you know, I've been people watching. Actually, I like to study human in general. Not, for any school paper or work but just as a personal interest. You, see, it's true. Everyday, I see people doing exercises in the gym, then I also see parents sending their child to swimming classes, ballet classes. In the morning they would attend pilate or whatever. There was also this one time a mother told me how her children has all this classes that they attend to and they have no time to play with a friend daughter. Obviously, all this classes is important to her and what she think is for her children. I'm not sure her children actually agree with her. But, hey, what do I know all this people who has money to burn?

Okay, so? You may ask. If you notice one thing and that is what's happening around us right now is they are only doing what's best for them in this world. They are only exercising to be fit, to have a better figure, to look well and feel great. It's all for the physical world. What kind of training or classes are they doing or attending for the betterment of their inner being? Their soul? I'll tell you, absolutely nothing!

I used to exercise in the gym and I can tell you, it's not all physical and mental training that we do. We do our own cleaning, we take care of the gym, to us or me, the gym have a soul and we should respect it. To me it's a kind of Zen. We learn how to be humble and not show off our physical assets. Yeah, we compliment each other but we respect each other, we respect those equipments. We wipe it clean with a towel every time we finish using it. We return the dumbells and the bar bells to it's places. But, I don't see all that anymore. People, just leave stuff all over the place without returning to its rightful stand. They don't care how messy the place looks and it's even dangerous as people need to walk around the gym without tripping over on dumbells.

They just took their keys and dump their water bottle and go off without even the thought of switching off the lights or the fans since they are the last person using the gym. I mean, can you see what kind of people they are?

If they have a personal trainer, I realized they didn't even bother to advice or teach their client how and why they should respect the gym. I mean, people do get hurt and I know if you don't respect it, it can certainly hurt you. Damn, idiots. Doesn't even have basic common sense!?

Don't they know there are other human beings who used the gym?

It makes me angry how inconsiderate all these people are. How they don't respect the gym, the other users etc. That's why I'm saying all these people really don't know the essence of the soul and they're just happy with what they see in the mirror every day. They are but an empty shell. Empty soul. Whose only interested in the mundace physical world. They are incomplete. Truly, I can't respect somebody who doesn't respect anyone else beside themselves.

All, I'm saying is, people keep saying the end of the world is coming. And, I already see the end before it even begin. If these kind of emptyness is creeping into everyone then the world might as well end right now. Remember, all those stupid classes you send your children or you yourself attend to are useless if you still lose your soul in the end. It's no use if you are the richest man in the world or the strongest but if you lose your soul. You will feel empty, you will still feel sad or useless cause, your inner beings are not taken care of. That's why some people keep doing what they do and still feel they need to do more cause they still feel empty even with all the success that they achieved. Even, having a mountain of gold they'll still feel it's not enough!

Having a good life doesn't mean, you're at the beach, sipping nice cold ice lemon tea. You can still have it good if your soul feel good and content with what you have. You feel happy playing with your grandson, having a nice dinner outing with your girlfriend or whatever that makes you happy.

So, how do you feed your soul and teach it and fill it full unlike the physical world?

To me, it's religion. Some people may beg to differ but I can tell you, even if you say you doesn't feel fulfilled with religion it's because maybe you're in the wrong one? Or, you haven't really learned it. It's not just about reading old text. It's about understanding what religion is. What it teaches. The truth behind all those written words. But, that's another story. You'll have to do your own research. Read, the story behind it. Understand it, learn and understand the meaning behind all those stories told.

Religion doesn't ask you to sacrifice yourself, your wealth and give it to your 'leader'. If you have more, you give a little back to society. If you're not rich then you can contribute by giving a helping hand to an old lady crossing the road. You can be nice to another person or whatever. You can help a person in need or maybe help your neighbour, a school mate. Religion feed your soul with wholesome goodness and can lift up your spirit. Sometime, you need a break from your hectic working or school schedule and look around you. Be free from the binding world that only pulling you closer to your grave. Why do some people die young? Because, their soul are empty and easily being led to destroy themselves. Teach, your children religion. Teach your children not just ballet or swimming classes but how to feed and fill their mental and heart with dedication to the survival of the human race. Teach them about GOD.

We can't avoid doomsday but they say we can hold it off much much longer if we cleanse our soul and teach our children and their childrens children the reality about religion and God. Don't just hanker over physical health, money and wealth or the world. They don't last forever. God does..

Think about it aye?

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