What do God wants most from you?

So, the other day I was thinking to myself about God. About different religions all that. Yeah, I'm that kind of person who thinks about God and religion almost all of the time. Every time, I watch my favourite shows on History channel bout the Universe, UFOs about humans etc. sometime with my knowledge I know bout religion would make me realize how everything is connected to God. Makes you realize why things happen the way they do.

Right, ok. So, back to my question what do God wants from us?

Absolutely nothing!

Let's think about it. God, didn't ask us to build temple of gold. He doesn't care what you do in this world. You want to fight for land, money, women. You want to be kings and queens?

Heck, you want to be conqueror of countries, civilizations and the human species. God, let you choose and decide. Everyone, have their own agenda in this world. But, the only one thing that God wants from you is to acknowledge that He is your God!

That's it!

To think of Him constantly. To say daily prayer to Him throughout the day. And, in those prayer to seeks solace, forgiveness, patients etc.

But, why is it so difficult for us to do that?

Why do some people still doesn't believe in God?

God is not asking you to fight each other for gold, land or women or anything. He doesn't need all that stuff because, He is the provider and doesn't need you to provide him. He provides you with land, with seas full of fishes and marine life that can sustains you with food for eternity!

He provide you with water, with air to breathe, with meat and mild to drink so that you can live a healthy and blissful life. Let's face it, life here could be heaven on earth but we choose to destroy ourselves. We choose to fight over limited land and food. Whereas, all this doesn't really belong to any of us. It belongs to God. He owns the land, the sea and the whole Universe for that matter. He wants you to share. If the world doesn't have boundaries wouldn't it be good for mankind?

There'll be no war and famines. There'll be no you or me. There'll be only us!

God, give us free will. He let us govern ourselves and we think, we're better then God. That's what happen to human. A little bit of land and we think we think we are kings!

Well, God is KING of kings!

He is the master of all the lands, seas and the Universe!

But, what does he ask of you?

Absolutely, nothing but quiet allegiance to Him. And, what do we get in return if we do that?

Heaven. Hopefully, heaven on earth and the after life. He gives you more then what you get in this pitiful earth.

Think about it people. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

That's it from me and feel free to comment if it so compels you. By, the way. I'm posting this via my Asus eee pc 701. I love this thing. It still works after all this years, even if they don't manufacture it any more.

Good day!

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