Sunday, September 12, 2010

When will video phone take off?

I'm still waiting..

I saw it once in the Aliens (1986) movie where the guy talk to someone using the 'video phone'?

I was still a kid then but until now, almost 20 ++ years later, and with the digital age why aren't video phone still not used on a daily basis?

Why, aren't any company out there designing or championing video phone usage?

I know, I know. There's Skype and now Apple's Facetime. But, that's only part of the story. I'm talking about every day usage for all here. A common sight on the old phone booth, maybe?

A, common sight on every homes!!

I think, with higher and better land cable broadband speed. Even, wifi, it should already be the norm. Although, I'm not sure. Even if video phone is easily available, will the people take to it?

Personally, I'll be a bit shy, to talk to someone on a video phone. Heck, a couple of time when someone ask me if I wanted to webcam chat on msn, I'll give some lame excuses. Well, the main reason is, my hair is all over the place and I'm always half-naked at home. Haha!

I, remembered once though, a couple of years back where I tried webcam-ing using msn for the first time. It was with a friend living in Texas from Singapore. It was just a couple of minutes when suddenly my pc when totally blank!

I had to bloody re-format the whole system!

Ahhh ..the good old days when the digital age was still new and flabbergasting.

But, still.. nowadays in movies we always see people chat using their flat screen tv on the wall or high-tech security apparatus video-calling on it. So, why aren't it still used in our living room by now?

Even so, are there a market for it?

Are, our technology or infra-structure able to provide this kind of services?

Some, organizations out there better do some surveying project right now about what people think of the video phone technology and possible usage. Apple's got their Facetime. Will, the other companies follow suit?

Will, I be able to chat with someone via my Xbox, PS3, Psp or even the Wii?

With Xbox Kinect and the PS3, we already have the videos capabilities. Both, of these consoles have wifi in-built. You can already use your own webcam on it. Added, with broadband speed, why not?
Okay, I'll probably hate it when I'm in the thick of the FPS action and someone buzzing me for a video chat. I, can always ignore the call right?

Maybe, they can just leave a message at the right corner of the Tv screen. That'll be cool. Of course, I can always pause the game and video chat with them for a while. All, while still seating on my comfy chair playing the game. I'll just remember to wear a shirt and comb my hair before I answer that video call! LoL!

Well, I hope someone out there read this and do something about it. In, the meantime, I'll just wait ...and wait ...and wait. Okay, maybe, I'll just skype!

P.S. Here's an article bout Apple's Facetime developmet.

P.P.S. latest article read up update link here. (29, sept 2010)