Sharepod - Files transfer for your iPod

Today, I did some searching via Google to look for a way to transfer my mp3 from one ipod to the other. I tried using Winamp, iTunes itself and a couple others freeware. I finally found one that's good and easy enough to use. Although, it's not like one of the software that you can immediately transfer from ipod to ipod. This software allows you to transfer from iPod to pc. Click here to check out Sharepod. It's a freeware so it's totally free!

But, instead of transferring directly to my pc folder directory I just save it to my ipod in my data sections. This way, I'll save my hard drive and all I have to do next is just sync my iPod. Right now, I'm transferring around 2000+ songs and it's still transferring. I should have download partly first. Anyway, since I've got a whole day to do it might as well I just transfer it all at one time.

Pretty nifty tools.

Next. The other day, I finally finished Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on my Xbox 360. No, I didn't finish it within 6 hours. I think I finished it around a month or two. Hey, I only played the game 2 hours at a time. That's the only free time I have. At first, I felt surprise that I had already finished it. I thought, I was only halfway through the game. I didn't realized I was already at the end game. And it felt as if the game was too short. Then I remembered all the various levels that I had gone through. Going from one mission to another that I realized that it actually took me almost 2 months to finish it.

I can tell you that it was an exhilarating experience. What's more I had never in my life before this finish any game ever before!

I have a short attention span and I always get bored fast. I will give up most of the time. This time round, it was truly a fantastic feeling to be able to finally finish a game. Even though, sometime it took me 6 hrs just to finish a section of the levels. At the end of the game though, I feel kind of sad as I saw some of my fellow mate died. If a game can invoke that kind of feeling in me then it's fantastic game. In fact it won various awards for it's game play. I kind of feel proud of it's achievements. Heh, funny isn't it?

Today, I realized that my two young nephews had actually finished Halo 3!

So, I saw the finish and although, I didn't finish it myself I'm going to try it later on. I'm playing Half Life on the Xbox version right now which are package together with 4 other games including Team Fortress and Portal. Looking forward to finish all those games. Also, looking forward to some new superb games coming up this year. Hope some of those games won't be banned here in Singapore though.

Game nowadays, are really great. With the beautiful graphics, cool music and fantastic game play. I still remember the old games that I used to play at a game parlor when I was a boy. Even remembered the first time I played a word game on a screen that the only thing you can do is enter Yes or No!

I was a boy then. Fast forward 15 years later I finally get to use the office pc. Later, the first chance I get to buy myself a pc it had win 3.1. Since then, I never stop learning to use the pc till now. I learned a lot through self-study or rather from the school of hard knocks.

My very first game console was the Playstation. I used my bonus money to buy it. My colleague at work showed me his and when I saw the nice graphics and game play I decided to buy it. So, that's where my love for games grew!

Before that, of course I played the pc games available for win 3.1 - win 98 but the console game is far the better choice for me.

Wow, talking about going down the memory lane. So, right now I'm all hooked up again to console gaming. I haven't tried yet playing the Playstation 3. I think it's too expensive with Blu-ray and all but now I think they're offering an affordable version. I already have an Xbox which I got it for free when I subscribe to my current Internet Cable provider. Who could resist?

Who knows maybe someday when my Xbox died on me I might want to try to get the Playstation 3 or maybe 4 in the coming?

Okay, enough about gaming. Let's talk about sport, especially soccer!

Tonight, Carling cup finals between Tottenham vs Chelsea. It's a great match up. Tottenham an up and coming team under Juande their new manager and also Chelsea with Avram their new manager too. So, both of them of course would be gunning to win their own trophies to fill up in their cabinet. Pretty interesting. Naturally, I want Chelsea to win since I support the club!

Both of them can win the trophy but as far as I'm concern I'm bias so to me Chelsea will win. Tottenham can always rebuild and start the next season aiming for the top 4. I'm really hoping for Chelsea to win the EPL cup back from Man U this season. Although, right now Arsenal are the one at the top. Man U are always capable of winning the cup. They have been doing that for years and years. So, I'm literally fed up of them always winning the cup. I want Chelsea to emulate them and let the others hate us for winning the cup most of the time. Haha!

Right. I'm kind of tired. My brain seems to hurt when I think too much!

I think I'm spending too much time with my Xbox. I didn't even have time to check my email yet. So, I'm signing off.

Have a nice Sunday!

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