Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Too dependant on tech?

Since last week, I haven't been able to access my 80gb Samsung portable hard drive. I don't know why is that. Maybe, because I didn't plug it out when using it on my Win2000 pc. You see, I mostly use the drive for my Asus Eee pc which has win XP installed on it. Then it happen again that when I tried to access it, it gave me an I/O error. What the f*)(&*)&0 is that?

At first, I didn't want to resort to re-formatting the drive as I'll lose whatever is in there. All the files that I have painstakingly saved. But, this crap had to happen so finally out of desperation and helplessness I give in and click 'format'. Well, as you would have guess all my files is freaking gone!

You know, sometime I just feel like wanting to throw this whole damn tech stuff out the window. When the time come and you need it most it gave up on you. So, what do you do?

Heck, that's why I just try to stay calm most of the time. If not, I think I'll have to be admitted to a mental institution.

So, that's why I'm saying, no, telling you that don't be too dependent too much on technology in your life. Yeah, it's great to listen to an iPod, do blogging on the net, watch YouTube etc. But, trust me, it won't stay true to you for life. In one or two years time, they'll slowly try to desert you. Leave you in the lurch. They will say to you, "Hey, I'm two years old. Upgrade me or get yourself another new model version of me!".

Heh, sound kind of familiar isn't it? Maybe remind you of your wife? Girlfriend?

I'll say it again. Don't depend or spend too much time with technology. They'll almost certainly fail you when you need them most. Go out there and find a nice hobby that doesn't need expensive technology. Maybe, why not go fly a kite? Not much harm in that right?

Do something, find something you'll love as long as it's not playing the Xbox, Playstation or meddling with your iPhone. All this thing will one day fail you!

Then you'll feel bad, disappointed, a little moody and sad. Maybe, even a little angry!

You'll scream, "Oh God, why me God,.. why meee. NoooOOooo !!"

My advice to you is, go ride a bike or something. Play with your baby daughter or son. Go out and enjoy the sun. Go hiking or camping with your siblings and friends. Learn to enjoy life without technology. I believe one day, all this tech will be gone. When there will be no power left. Men will once again start from scratch. They'll need to depend less on tech and all things will be done manually. I believe it could be so. Maybe, we'll use the horses again to pull our carriage. Who knows?

Okay, okay. I know. I might be going a little crazy or that I'm feeling a little hatred towards technology just because my portable hdd failed on me. But, take it that you have been warned. Tech will one day smile at you and say, I'll make you happy and then leave you there all alone. Mindless, babbling to yourself..

Enjoy it while you can my friend.. it won't last forever. Hahaha ...