Monday, September 02, 2013

My Alienware m14x - Bloodlust Shadow Hunter Demo Gameplay

My Alienware m14x - Bloodlust: Shadow Hunter Demo Gameplay

Hey guys,

So, my attention was brought to this new indie game coming up on steam soon by Mr. Bill of wrfstudios. Entitled, "BloodLust: ShadowHunter", it's actually been up for a while and you can already download the demo at the link below, if you haven't that is.

Download link below:

I can't quite remember, if I had a look at the game before but, what the heck. I downloaded it today and tried it on my m14x. The installation was pretty brief but, I recommend that you read through the information first before downloading the demo. The file is around 600 mb and I think, it took around 15 mins installation. Didn't really time it but it's around that.

The game is pretty raw and it's pretty much a game still at work but playable enough. I used fraps to record and my frame rates was pretty low at 10-25. It's still smooth and didn't notice any real stuttering. Didn't change much of the settings as I read, it could hang or something if you dabble too much. I'll rather play it safe and leave the settings as it is. I'm still trying to get a hang of the game but so far, it's pretty interesting. The graphics or the monster aren't really to my liking but it doesn't really bother me much.

Most of the time, the game is pretty dark and you need to find secret doors that contain loots or you can buy keys to open doors. There are hints you can follow if you're stuck or not sure what to do. Sometime, you meet people and you can have conversation with them. I like talking to 'Sarah' the store keeper. He he!

Some of the characters in the game (like a floating head), will tell you where you need to go or where you can find stuff to finish your missions. There's so much you can do in the game and in all, this is a pretty interesting game with secrets doors, loots and missions just like any other rpg games you might have played before. Have I told you that you can download the demo right now?

Download the demo right now:

Oh yeah, don't forget to watch my video demo gameplay!

Happy gaming!

P.S. Download the demo from the link below:

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