Sunday, September 08, 2013

My Blackberry q10 - Real Racing 3 Gameplay

My Blackberry q10 - Real Racing 3 Gameplay

Hey guys,

Here's a video of me playing, 'Real racing 3' on my blackberry q10. Even, on this small screen, I must say, it plays pretty well. A bit stutter here and there but in all, playable. A few automation on acceleration and breaking really help but, you can change the control settings easily.

I haven't played Real racing for awhile since their first version on the iPhone, but since it was finally available for my blackberry q10, why the hell not?

As usual, it comes with all the bell and whistles of new cars, race maps and multiplayers. You can upgrade and service your car with the money you won or you can pay with real cash. You can also share your wins and post on facebook or invite friends to join you in a race.

Well, I'm sure there's more you can do inside the game and I haven't really go into it yet. Anyway, what're you waiting for? Go get it for your blackberry, if you haven't!

Happy gaming!

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