Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Alienware m14x - Using Blackberry q10 to record dirt3-drift

My Alienware m14x - Using Blackberry q10 to record dirt3-drift

Supp guys,

Just a short video of my nephew playing Dirt 3, drift on my Alienware m14x version r1. I'm using my Blackberry Q10 to record it. At the same time, those interested to see how good the q10 8 megapixel camera is for recording.

I'm not really sure how I should be using the q10 camera to record as I still haven't dabble much with the camera settings. For this recording, I set the ratio to 4:3 and I believe, I set to stabilization. Every time, I moved the camera, it re-focus on it's own - albeit a bit slow. I'm not sure if I can immediately touch the screen to quickly re-focus again. That's why, at certain point of the video, it gets a bit blurred.

For the game, I set it all on auto high settings with ambient on etc. You can see, how the sun shine towards the driver or the camera for that matter. Gameplay, are pretty smooth after the latest Nvidia software updates. I had some problem playing the game at first but managed to solve the problem after googling around for fixed.

Anyway, hope you like the video. Enjoy and happy gaming!

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