Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My Blackberry Q10 - Need For Speed Undercover Gameplay

My Blackberry Q10 - Need For Speed Undercover Gameplay

Hey guys,

Just a short clip of my nephew playing the game NFS, Need for Speed Undercover for the blackberry q10. There are some games the q10 can play very well without hiccups but for the NFS undercover it lags a bit sometime. But, it's still playable though.

I'm just hoping that Blackberry would in the future think about it's phone as a gaming system that's comparable with android. Okay, maybe with the q10 screen size you can't expect much but with the Z10 it's possible. Even then, I'm still happy gaming on my q10.

One thing good bout the q10 is that, for some of the game, you can actually use the qwerty keyboard to play. For the moment, I've found out that you can play, 'Radiant', Dynastunts and even NFS undercover using the keyboard. The q10 has a mini hdmi port and bluetooth so, you can hook it up to a monitor and keyboard and voila! Gaming on the go! Or maybe, some work need to be done on the documents etc. I'm not sure if you can use a bluetooth mouse with it. I don't have one so, I can't do any testing.

I've also found out with the q10 (and maybe z10 too), you have the ability to play flash games on it. I'll do a video of it some other day. I did some testing of playing FB games on it and it works really fine like candy crush saga puzzle games or criminal case. I've been waiting for this ability for a long time since the apple iphone came out. Finally, i can on the go check out updates for my FB games etc. Pretty cool, and blackberry did it!

Anyway, enough said. Hope you like the video. Chow!

Happy gaming!

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