My Blackberry q10 - 1st time hands on

My Blackberry q10 - 1st time hands on

Got my Blackberry Q10 yesterday delivered to me. Had to check the contents so didn't have the chance to do an unboxing video. In any case, here's vid of my 1st time hands-on with the phone.

The qwerty keypad is excellent and feel kinda spungy. Almost, like my m14x. Really, feel comfortable typing on it. The screen although 3.1 inch ain't that bad either. After trying out some games and watching youtube videos, I feel, I can live with the smaller screens. I don't really watch movies or play games on it anyway. To me, this is just another toy for me to play around with. I like trying out new phones. Especially, if they have a new OS. I got tired of Android. It's the same thing over and over again ad nauseam.

I like the latest Blackberry OS 10.1. Some people, one way or another think it's cumbersome and need a steep learning curve but for me, it's something new and refreshing. Like i said, I like trying out new stuff. It's almost as if the first time I tried out the 2nd generation of iPhone or my ex Blackberry Bold which I loved!

I do have a bit of problem with the touch screen as I had to tap a couple of times before it work. Maybe, I need to adjust the touch sensitivity but I tried looking for the setting and can't find it, if there are any. Other than that, I'm just getting used again to typing on a real tactile feedback, qwerty keypad instead of the virtual ones.

One thing, I don't really like is the Blackberry setup or Blackberry link. Just like the Samsung sync up software, I'm keep given the runaround to log in to the system. For now, I can't transfer any files such as music or videos on my phone because I can't link up to my laptop. Compared to syncing up my iphone to the iTunes, trying to even install the software is like going through hell. It shouldn't be that way. Well, I guess, I have to find a way to do it (how ironic, I used to have the same problem syncing up my ipod on a windows pc).

Update 1: Currently, using bluetooth between my laptop and q10 to transfer files.
Update 2: I look up at Blackberry support and read something about Firewalls causing you to un-able to install blackberry link. At first (yesterday), i tried but it didn't work. After updating my Zone Alarm firewall, and giving permission it was able to install. So, those of you having problem installing Blackberry link, you might want to temp disable your firewall.

For now, as a communication device, the q10 is really fantastic. All my emails, facebook, whatsapp and twitter notifications can be found in one place. I like how you can do a 'peek' of your notifications without having to open the app. Pretty cool!

Well, I'm still playing around with it. My impressions so far? It's a fun new phone albeit with a bit of the old design. For the hardcore blackberry user, who prefer the qwerty keypad, definitely you should get this instead of the z10. The problem with the z10 is that it looks like the iPhone! Yuckz! Also, if you're the multimedia type then definitely you should get the z10 which have a bit of the same screen size as the iPhone 5. See, the resemblance?

All in all, I'm just glad to finally get my hands on the q10. My fav phone after a long while!

Enjoy the vid!

P.S. As i pre-registered for the q10, I got a free mini hdmi cable and a mini phone speaker as a gift from my carrier. How awesome is that?

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