Monday, June 17, 2013

My blackberry q10 - A quick random look

My blackberry q10 - A quick random look

Hey guys,

Just a quick random video of my blackberry q10. Had this phone for around 2 weeks now and I've loaded it up with games, music, videos and apps. I've still around 7gb left on the phone. The other day, I almost got myself a 32gb sdhc card but decided against it, for now.

So far, I've not really had any problem with the q10, accept for once in awhile having trouble tapping on the icons. I'm curious why we can't adjust the sensitiveness or the way we use our finger to tap it. In the end though, I just adjust myself to the phone touch screen. While typing the keyboard, the words will come out and sometime, I needed to tap twice before it works. I'm not sure if there's something wrong with the touch screen or it's just the way it works. Maybe, Blackberry can look into it and fixed it with a software updates?

I'm pretty much enjoying playing around with the phone and checking out BBM channel and Blackberry world. Loads of new games and apps are coming up and soon, I believe, it'll be comparable to iTunes. Blackberry, just need to work on it. Blackberry, like Apple have a large core fan base and an iTunes like store page could set them up. I don't think they should be ashame of following Apple business tactics. In fact, I feel they're almost the same type of company. People, are already comparing the Z10 with the iphone. If Blackberry, improved on their products (Z10 and Q10 ) and at the same time improving Blackberry world then, you never know.

Anyway, that's just my thoughts. It's not as if I have stocks on them? Lol. Let's see what Blackberry next step would be shall we?

Hope you like the vid!

P.S. I love watching others blackberry videos too!