Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wake up n smell de roses North Korea!!

North Korean long-range missile on launch pad
North Korea has placed a long-range missile on a launch pad, a US official confirmed on Wednesday, raising prospects that it may soon go ahead with a launch that has alarmed the US and its allies.


You know, I've been watching North Korea in the news and really... North Korea, should wake up and smell the bloody roses. C'mon, you idiots. Time, have changed. We, don't want any more stupid wars. The crisis in the middle east still on-goings for like forever and you're still trying to play the macho tough persona. Wake up and smell the BLOODY roses! 

Just fcking look at South Korea. They're way better then you in every way. You're fcking killing your own bloody children. Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

Throw away all this stupid nuclear stuff and war-mongering. The world have move on and you're still stuck in that stupid black hole!

Look around you, look at what the world are doing right now. Noone, interested in your war mongering foolish talks. All, of us wants peace and freedom. We want what's good for ourselves and our children and our children childrens. Wake the fcking up you fools!

See, how much you can do for your own country. For, your own people. Life, will only get better once you wake up and realize that it's way better out there then in your own stupid enclosure you call a country. That's not a country. That's a hell-hole!

You eat good food, living a good life while the people suffer. Chained. Terrorised. You're an idiot and I think you know it too. Have, you like get out of the pot-hole you call a country and travel the world?


The people should really revolt and overthrow this stupid leaders. It should be done sooner rather then later. The people of North Korea has suffered too long. It's time you as a country move on into better pastures. There's something for everyone out there in the rest of the world. Once, you taste it. You'll never want to turn back to that stupid North Korea you know.

Well, that's all I have to say right now. Been, sometime I haven't had my say on my blog. And, the world still haven't change. Go, figure!