Finally! Resident Evil 5, F.E.A.R. 2 n GOW!

So, here's a funny story. Last saturday, I finally decided to buy Resident Evil 5, F.E.A.R 2 Origin and Gears of War 1 ( I didn't played the 1st GOW!). 

Me and my nephews decided to meet my mom at the shopping center at Compass point. When, we reach there one of my nephew suddenly ask me why they can't play my xbox earlier and they see a red ring on the power button. 

I, instantly knew what he was talking about. I got the "red ring of death"!!

I was so freaking mad that they didn't tell me about it earlier. I was already syche up to buy the games that day. I decided instead to ask the game shop if they do any xbox repair. The salesgirl, kindly said no but she gave me the xbox tech support number. 

I, felt a little down. I wanted to get home as soon as possible to check my xbox. It had to wait as my mom wanted to talk to the renovation contractors doing their promotion.

Anyway, once, I reach home. The first thing I did was to switch on my Xbox. There it was. 
The infamous red ring of death! WTF!! *(&^%$#!!

Instinctitively, though. I tried, switching on and off the damn thing a couple of time. It still shows the red ring. I decided to switch it off and read some facts on the xbox support site. Later, my nephew came into my room and tried switching on the xbox. To my relief, it finally shows green!

We tried, playing some downloaded games. At, first the screen got wierd and I tried again to switch on and off. After awhile, it seems okay again. 

I tried downloading some new demo trials and all seems well. I kept thinking if I should go back to the gameshop and buy the games that I had plan to buy earlier. My nephew told me he would go with me if I wanted to. So, he help me made up mind to get the games although, I was afraid the red ring would come back again. I couldn't resist anyway. I really do want to get the 3 games.

So, finally. Got what I wanted and although, my xbox sometimes still shows the red ring of death. I know what to do now. Earlier, today. When, I switch on my xbox to play F.E.A.R 2. It, didn't show the red ring anymore. I think, maybe, my xbox got cranky because I didn't played with it for quite a while now.

It need to be played constantly, and warmed the system inside. I guess, I've been busy with playing games on my iPhone. That's why, my xbox is starting to show some hardware wear and tear. Anyway, I'm just glad my xbox is back to normal again. For now...

I already planned to get a new one if ever it break down. I have my eye on some special xbox game edition. The new special Resident Evil xbox is really nice.

I've only had my xbox for almost a year I think. I got it for free but, my xbox is everything to me right now. Haha. I did felt a little down, when the thought of not being able to play games on my xbox.

Anyway, all is well now. I hope. I had fun playing F.E.A.R 2. I want to finish it, then play GOW and finally Resident Evil. I love my xbox!

By the way, do my nephew girl looks like Alma? hehe..

Be afraid again ..

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