Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook launches new Timeline and media sharing by Cnet

Facebook launches new Timeline and media sharing

Seem to look pretty cool .. I just wish Mark decide to built a Facebook tablet that I can bring around and read status updates and ALSO play the loads of Facebook games on the go without the need for the game dev to create a 'special' version of the game for tablets.

Hey, I play lots of Facebook games like so many others do and we'll like to be able to answer help request and maybe farm our corns before it turn bad when we're at work or out and about.

Here's my requirements for Facebook tablet:

1) Cheap - Maybe cost around $200-400?
2) The spec is good i.e. better graphic card, 2gb ram minimum, enough so that we can surf fast to read status and most importantly play Facebook flash games.
3) Tablet size would be 10-12 inch?

Remember this Facebook tablet is that, specifically build for Facebook. May I suggest you guys partner with HP and Alienware?

Facebook have millions of users and a Facebook tablet is the obvious choice to build on your brand. Anyway, tablet is the 'in' thing right now. I'm beginning to see tablet users on buses and at work.

I'm looking at you China entrepreneur.. haha. I'm pretty sure someone over there reading this post would be rushing to build and market it. I've post about the Facebook tablet before on my blog but until now, nobody seem to be interested on a 'Facebook tablet'. Yes, you got Samsung and even Blackberry tablet but they're using android and I asked somebody at work who just got the Samsung tablet and you can't play any Facebook games on it. What's the use of going to Facebook and just checking your status? I can do that on my iPhone or Blackberry or whatever. But, you can't definitely update your game request or update on Cityville or Empires & Allies!?

Anyone out there? HelooOoooo ...*knock* *knock*!

By the enjoy the vid by Cnet!

P.S. Talking about iPhone, anyone out there interested in learning how to create your own iPhone games or iPad apps? More info @ !

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