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Diablo III Guide by Professional Gamers

Diablo III Guide by Professional Gamers

Hey Guys,

A group of professional gamers have launched a new Diablo 3 site Talonz Guide here.

As many of you are aware Diablo 3 is about to be released on May 15th, and with most StarCraft 2 players about to start playing Diablo 3 the game is set to break new PC gaming records.

What makes Talonz Guide sit apart from the rest of the Diablo 3 guides is that it is written by 3 professional gamers. Talonz, Shokz, and Dusk. Many of you know Shokz the top selling StarCraft 2 Guide which set itself apart because he's a professional StarCraft 2 player and a top ranked Grandmaster player. Dusk who creates all the videos for Talonz Video Guide and Shokz Video Guide is also a Diablo veteran and StarCraft 2 grandmaster player, and Talonz is a top ranked Diablo 2 veteran.

I'm sure as you know all the Diablo 3 guides and StarCraft guides are written by ghost writers that have little knowledge of the game and once they are released are never to be updated again.

What sets them apart is that they make the top quality guides, they interact with the community with live streams and their new forums,  the Talonz Video Guide has a new video released every other day and the Talonz Mastery Guide has new written guides added to it weekly.

With the Talonz Video Guide you guys can't go wrong!

The site has a lot of new features they are going to be adding to it from now till the release on the 15th, so by the time Diablo 3 is for sale, their page will look very different with a lot of great new features / content.

The site will also have some great new features as a whole with live streaming and other features  that will be out on the 15th.

Check out some of the testimonials from other gamers:


"I am a former Diablo 2 player, I have been playing Diablo ever since it first came out. Not straight gaming on it of course, but always finding my way falling back into the Diablo series, I just love the Blizzard games it's what i've grown up with. But, i'd like to give you a special thanks to making a quality guide that covers Diablo 3 very well. I enjoy reading your new content, as there always seem to be something new every day I log into my Talonz account."

"Hey Talonz, i'd just like to take a moment and thank you for distributing such a great product. I've never been really been big into following or reading up on guides but your guide has truly changed my mind.
If there was every anything I was stumped on or needed for guidance your guides helped me through those hard times. And on top of that i'd like to thank you for your customer support, it's really fast and it was very helpful, and I thank you for putting your time into your Talonzguide."

"I would like to thank the Talonz Team for producing such a wonderful product, my son who is now 14 begged me to buy him this guide. We both have our own characters in Diablo 3, I am currently a Monk and my son is a Wizard. The concepts of learning and showing / molding us into better players is simply wonderful. I never really thought I could become a top player and compete with those true gamers, but your guide has taught me and my son a lot!! And I would classify myself as a top player after learning from Talonz Guide!! What a wonderful product!"

"Hey Talonz your guide is great! This is my first time playing Diablo 3, well any Diablo or Blizzard manufactured game ever!! I've always wanted to play World of Warcraft but just never really found the time of day to get into it. I finally went all in on Diablo 3, and I came across your guide after searching the web, and considering I am a complete and utter noob your guide was simply AMAZING! It helped me learn the ins and outs of my character and everything inbetween. I'm so thankful I found your guide and I just want to give you a big thank you! Sincerely, a Diablo 3 Witch Doctor :)"

So, what you waiting for? Get the guide right now!

Click here to join Talonz Diablo III Guide!

Happy gaming!

P.S. Get the best Diablo III game guide right now. New features and videos added. Join Talonz Diablo III game guide site. Click here to join Talonz Diablo III Game Guide!

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