Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Sunny blue skies, that roars thunder

From my open window, I can see the sunny blue sky. So blue with minimal clouds. So minimal, you can't imagine a shape out of it. But, from afar, I can hear thunder roars. Somewhere out there, it's dark and gloomy and raining. Thunders roar and roar it's heart out.

I think, I've caught the flue virus. Can't stop sneezing and blowing out my nose. I decided, to cook some hot water and make myself a cup of hot tea. Usually, I drink coffee in the morning and by evening, I'll drink tea. Occasionally, I'll make myself hot cup of milo at night. Yesterday, I had done some 400m x 2 round running. I haven't run for a couple of years and suddenly, I had to do this trainning. Earlier, we were told to run one round around the track as a kind of warm-up. I think I was the last two that reach the ending point. Out of 70+ runner that is.

Anyway, the PTI (physical training instructor) told us that we have to run the first 400m within 2mins. At first I thought it was only half the track. Told you haven't run on a track for a while. Anyway, it turn out that wasn't the case. We have to run one whole big round. He also said that that anyone who come in last would have to do some "extra" training. As, I was the last two, the two of us did some leg raise and stomach stretching. I thought, there was more then that. But, okay, lucky for me they stop at that. By the second 400m dash. I was already half-way walking with my knees making some strange noise, out of breath and my head felt as if there's a stone inside it. I almost fainted!

I was always looking at my watch the whole training. Can't freaking get out of that camp!

The good news was, that was it. Pheww! But, although, it was err..tough, I can't of like the trainning. The problem was, the mind was willing but the body NOT!

The last sunday, one guy almost fall inside the toilet and two other guys fainted. At first, I thought, they were just joking but it turn out it was true. I was wondering how the hell can anyone fainted when the training wasn't that tough. Not that I was tougher mind you. But, the PTI always give us light training on sundays. Then, I thought, well, some of them maybe had night shift job or just too damn tired from working and when they had to come for our physical trainning they just cramp up. Who knows? Of all my years of RT training, there's been a lot of accident, incident, fainting etc. So, it's not surprising. Although, it's becoming more common nowadays. I think the stress is building up. Added stress will be that we have to come over and do all this useless RT trainning when we can use part of the time to de-stress. Okay, I admit that exercising is good for your body but at what expense?

My friend told me that it was on the news that 2 people died doing RT. I'm not sure if he was joking. But, as always, I never tried to be a hero to run myself to death. Exercising to be in shape is another thing. But, to over exerts yourself is another matter altogether.

Well, by now, I've stop sneezing and I think the hot water is ready. I'll make myself a nice cuppa hot tea, relax, watch some cable about dinosaurs at Discovery Channel and just chill...

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