Sunday, June 26, 2005

Your own online biz for $6!

Start your own online biz with just $6. All you have to do is click this link read through the site and if you decide to take up on the offer just pay via paypal or stormpay. Once, payment is made you will be contacted by the seller (me!) via email and send you a link to the main members site. From the site you'll be able to download the same copy of the mini killer sales site and you can upload it up to your server. Included in the package is tons of ebooks, software, marketing materials and much much more that you can use for yourself or to re-sell it to others at whatever price you wish.

With this simple website you could be earning $6 or if more people buy from you, you'll earn up to $600. All you have to do is promote everyday on your blog or on your biz site. I got my initial $6 investment back within days!

So, how bout it?

Again, click this link and have a look. It's cheap business opportunity that you can promote everyday and get paid instantly to your stormpay or paypal account. With just $6 you'll get loads of cool software and stuff. You can also opt to contact me for more info and we can chat via Yahoo! Messenger.

Good luck!

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