Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Everyday people dies..

I just realized this. Everyday, people die. It may not be people you know but, somewhere out there someone is sick, hungry, bomb, shoot at, crying, massacre, murdered, etc etc.

Life sucks doesn't it? In spite of that, the rest of us are either oblivered by that facts or simply don't or won't care. All we care about is our puny existence on earth. That's human, that's reality of life. Have you been thinking recently the reason why you're still alive today?

Life will certainly be meaningless, if you think that life on earth is all it's about. If you haven't think about GOD, heavens and hell then it is said, you're considered "blind" although you're not blind, you're considered the "living dead" cause, you aren't really "living". Pause for a moment and think about it. What's the difference between you and other living things on earth? It's not because we are smarter then them. It's because, GOD gives us the one thing that other living thing don't have. We have faith, we have belief, we have will, we have conscience. We have moral code. If there's no law there will be total chaos. If there is no more moral code that we follow then life itself would soon cease to exist.

Here's another story that I've read long time ago when I was ..ahem younger. I'll try to tell you exactly as I can remembered it. Here goes...

Once a man saw an earthworm and said, "Why does GOD create the worms? So small and seems useless, helpless..."

Suddenly the earthworm with the will of GOD replied to him, "Every morning I pray and called up GOD name a 1000 times. Every afternoon I praised and call GOD name 1000 times. Every evening, I praised and called up GOD name 1000 times. Every night, I do the same and praised and call GOD name 1000 times. Have you ever did the same? Can you do the same?"

The man was surprised to hear the seemingly worthless earthworm speak to him. He was overwhelmed by what the earthworm did. He then bowed down putting his head on the ground and seek forgiveness from GOD because of his silly question. From then on, he follow what the earthworm did.

There's a reason GOD create man. There's a reason for everything in life. We came and soon we will return to HIM. Are you ready? Are you prepared? If not then.... good luck!?

May you rest in peace...

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