Thursday, June 30, 2005

Dead and still making money

He's dead and still making money. Who? It's Corey Rudl. Internet Marketing Millionaire. Died last month in a control racing accidents. He's porch crashed when the driver lose control of the car. Corey still relatively young at 33 died living an empire still making him money on the internet.

The ironic thing is he's philosophy was to automate his/client online business so that they can concentrate more on marketing then running the daily routine of the business. It was simple. You create a simple sales website with all the testimonials, check sample etc. Then when a customer buy the products, it will be automatically ship to them all this done while you're sleeping, playing golf or in Corey case go racing. He has always stressed on automation. Because as he says it, You want to run a business, not run a job. If you have to look after your business 9-5, might as well you get a 9-5 day job!

That's Corey for you. He still has a website that makes him money although he haven't even look at it for years!

Well, he won't have to now, since he's dead. The latest email from his No.2 right hand man was, "it's business as usual". Well, you can't blame the man. Anyway, the way Corey set-up his online business it would run forever long after he's dead. It's still a lost though. There's so much still he can give towards the online community with his ideas and innovative products and services. I'm not sure there will be anymore like him.

If you're interested in starting your own business online or want to check up other products/services by Corey, you can check up my main site here at >>

In a way it's a Corey Rudl shrine.

Well, Corey, you're still the best internet marketer online to me. Rest in peace dude! Kaching!

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