Thursday, June 16, 2005

Been making money online for 7++ years

The other day, an old friend from a place I used to work with called me. It's been sometime since we talk. The last time he called was to inform me about a former colleague of ours who had died suddenly. Actually, I already know about it. But, him being a good friend called me to inform just in case I didn't know.

Anyway, we talked about old stuff and also new stuff. One of it was he asked me if I was still doing "the internet stuff". I said, I'm still at it. Take note, I was just about to alight from the bus while talking to him on my cell phone. I must be talking quite loud 'cause I felt that people were watching me. No matter. Back to the question of me of still doing "the internet stuff". I told him I was still at it and will forever be. The reason being, it was what I like doing. As long as there will be internet and there are people that will want to make money online. I will be there. No matter what. As, I've said before and still saying it till today. Here's where I discover my passion. I just love the feeling of making a sale online. In fact, it goes way back during my childhood days. I used to sell foods at the market. I remembered feeling excited during the exchange of cash between me and my customer. That feeling has be rekindled back when I started to make sales online and getting paid either for commissions sales or for sales of the product that I created myself.

Yes, for 7 years ++ time and again I make cash via the internet. For those of you who aren't taking advantage of this opportunity, taking opportunity of the technology that enable just about anyone to make money online then get out of that "cave" and do something. Anything!

You don't have to be an "online marketing guru" to make money online nowadays. Although, you must at least learn some knowledge before taking the plunge. As in other business ventures online or offline, there's risk. If you can't afford to take risk. Then forget about it and stick with your 9-5 day J.O.B (just over broke). Forget about the making money online thingy. Forget about wanting to be an net-preneur. Use the internet instead to visit porno sites. There're a lot of them online. Even if you don't search, links to those site will still show. Well, that's what my brother-in-laws say anyway.

Brick-and-mortar company are now venturing online. The competition is stiff. No doubt about it. You need to stick to what you know. To what you believe. Create a product specially for the online community. Fast service, superb service is the order of the day. Professional support system is a must. But, not just big company can make money online. Individual like you and me can still cut in to the big pie. Again, if you know what you're doing. You might get burned. But, if it didn't kill you, it will only make you stronger. That's what being online for 7 years ++ had taught me. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

In the end though, you must like what you are doing. If not, you won't last. For me to still be doing it for this long, lasting more then the 9-5 day job I used to do simply make me realized that I have found my purpose and passsion in life. I must say, I should thank my friend that called me the other day for making me re-assess my life. To get things to perspective. To stay in focus. To re-assured myself that I'm in the right path. I have chosen what I wanted to do. I have found my passion.

The question is have you?

Whatever it is,... good luck in finding the answer!

The conversation with my friend had to stop rather abruptly 'cause I had reach my destination. Also I decided to call and meet my other friend who I was sms-ing with before he called. I told my friend I will save the phone number that he had used to call me so that next time I'll know who called. The thing is this friend of mine likes to call people up when he's at work. So, sometime, he'll call me up to chat up about old times or keep me updated on what's happening at the work place. I feel like old grannies gossipers on this note. Never hurt to know what's happening around you right?

Okay, that should be all for today. It's almost 12 pm. Going to take a bath, make myself coffee, and continue "doing my work" online for the day. Funny, I always get excited when doing "this job" every day. When was the last time you ever get excited and can't wait to go to work?

Probably, the only day you'll be excited to get to work is because it's payday and it's friday!

Right? Or am I wrong?

Maybe, I'll talk or rather type about that some other day. For now, I need coffffeeeee!!

Have a good day ahead!

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