Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cash out via 4daily debit card

Check it out!

I've been making money with 4daily for some time and recently, they have decided to have their own 4daily debit card. Which means, now I can get paid via my debit card easily. Before that, if I wanna cash out I'll have to ask for checks to be send to me. What's worst is before, I can do that? I'll have to wait for 5 days. They say it's for security reason. Okay, I have to admit that there are a lot of criminal, fraudsters out there who will rather steal then work their sock off to earn honest cash. I don't get it with this "online criminals" is it easier to steal money then to work for it?

What if you get caught? Then what? Why do it the hard way when you can earn honest cash easily, and get paid $100s if not $1000s of dollars everyday, every weeks or every months?

You must admit, some of this "online criminals" are clever. They know programming, codes etc. But, they use it more for criminal activities then for the good of others. That's human for you. I call that stupidity. A fisherman is smarter then them. If you read my quotes on the right of this blog site you will see that it says, "Life is hard, don't make it harder".

Some people just don't get it. Life is certainly hard enough. Why make it harder right? Why put yourself in a situation where it'll make your life a disaster by doing stupid things?

That's why, I prefer to work online. Its the easiest way to make money at the comfort of your own home. It's legal, it's relatively safe investments. If you compare with the life people had 10-20 years ago or beyond you'll realize that there're more successful people today then before.

For me, all I have to do is compare with what my father is doing. He is right now working his socks off earning meagre incomes. He is already old, weak and also he have to work with a supervisor who keep pushing him, taunting him to quits. If I were him,I would have quit there and then. I won't want to work with an idiot who have no respects for fellow worker. But, what choices does he have? If there were internet in his days, I'm pretty sure, he'll be teaching me how to make money online then the other way round.

That's why, you should take advantage of the opportunity when it comes. You should grab it and do whatever you can to succeed. For a better life. For your family and your future. Some people, wanna get rich via the internet. Some people like me, just got fed up working for others and want their own life back. We want to have a better life. A better future. The easier way.

It's your choice though, as I keep saying. Life is hard why make it harder?

Be cool...

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