Monday, June 20, 2005

Make money via Yahoo!

"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action."

– Frank Tibolt

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Yesterday, I manage to recruit a pakistani to join me in one of my money making program. All via my yahoo messenger.

The guy had requested to connect to me via my Yahoo! Messenger. Didn't really know who it was at first. I thought it was one of the other contact that I was waiting. So, imagine the confusion when I talk to him in my native 'malay' language. When he didn't understand what I was typing, I realized I make a mistake. He then explain to me that he had got my contact via one of the site I was promoting online and wanted to learn more info about the online biz I was into.

So, for two days we chat and I reply to his every questions. He was mostly afraid of scams and losing money after all the work. For me, I told him that it's not because a program is scam or anything else. The problem is getting good people that have the money to 'invest' to make money online. That's why most of the online company fold. Because, you have to find 'diamonds' from all the glass that you encounter. Personally, I wish all these people who have no intention or money to just stop joining all this program and destroy the image of online business and online marketer in general. And stop calling a company a scam since they are the one who is too stupid to learn anything.

For example, like most of you I keep receiving emails with stupid subject and worse stupid writing. They don't have a real return email address. Doesn't have the Can-Spam law statement etc. Even worse is they keep telling me that I either can't have sex, needed viagra and needed a BIG satisfy my woman. Okay, there might be someone out there who really need all this crapz but it's certainly not me! And STOP telling me that!

These people are not real 'online marketer'. They are only tarnishing a good company name and worse making people thing that all other company are scam. If you type the world 'scam' in google, you will realized that everybody is saying every company is a scam! That's coming from someone who haven't even join or try the program out. So, how do they know it's a scam? By guessing?

Let me tell you one thing. These people have never make ANY money online. So, they don't know ANYTHING! Like they say, don't believe everything you heard or read online or offline.

A lot of individuals, mom and pops ARE making money online. Some, even earned enough to pay their kids college bills. I know, because, I have a friend who IS doing that right now. So, if you don't believe that people are making money online that's your problem. But, please stop calling everyone a scam unless you tried it yourself. You're also, not helping anybody. You are what people call a "dream stealer". Your job is to convince people that everything is a scam. Stop destroying people life with your 'good intention'. You're not. You might have a job but others might not. Or their pay is not enough to support their family. Some people are working 2-3 job just to put food on the table. To pay for their kids education. If you're not interested then get lost.

The internet is a new frontier. A way out of the dump. Where even an 18 year old kid can try to make money online. Of course, this doesn't mean that there aren't any scam. Although, to tell you the truth so far I've been marketing online I haven't met or joined any scammed program. But, I keep hearing that people are calling this and that a scam. This people are just whiner. They lose money because they were too greedy. Too stupid to follow instructions etc.

Like I've said. That doesn't mean there aren't any scammers out there. For example ever receive email from so called african son of a minister with loads of money wanting to transfer to your bank account? Of course that's a scam and there are people still who fall for it! Why? Because, they're greedy! That's what greed do to stupid people who believe in everything they seen or read.

What about chain letters? Well, personally I don't know if it really works and somebody did make load of money with that. But, that's not an 'online business' that's a way for people to make money online. Is it a scam? Don't ask me, I had never tried it and I never will. Even if it's true people do make money with it I won't join any of it. Because, it's stupid. Why the hell would I want to pay anybody any money for nothing? I don't even know if I'm not just sending money to the same people! But, still people still fall for it. Because of the promise of easy money.

That's the keyword there. If you had read the physicology of consumerism. People buy on impulse more then because they needed it. I know, I'm one of them. People keep falling for the same scam because until the end of time, human will only wants thing the easy way. They don't want to learn the real rope of being an online marketer and make money the ethical way. They want it fast and easy without every much effort. They want to make money but they don't want to invest money. If they lose money they say it's a scam. Not because they're too stupid to learn or want to learn anything.

It's making me rile just talking about stupid people so, I'll better stop here. Need to clear my emails of spam. Untill then, take care.

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