Thursday, June 09, 2005

Had a little scare..

I had a little scare just now. I decided to wake up a bit early today err..around 8am ++. As always, I on my laptop first, and maybe check up my email. Normally, I'll go take a bath while I let the system load up. It takes almost 15mins for the whole thing to load up, start my yahoo messenger, my anti-virus etc.

Anyway, I decided to wait a while, then I realized my yahoo messenger didn't automatically sign-in. I tried open up my I.E. browser then my firefox. Freaking hell, my internet is kaput! So, I tried to on and off the power switch, my laptop and my cable modem. It didn't work. I called up my gf to ask her if she can access her internet. Her ISP is the same as mine. It happened before that, our ISP were having technical problem and we can't access the net. So, I thought maybe, that's what happening right now. Then, I thought maybe they had cut my Internet access cause I haven't paid up my bills? But, I thought, it's still early for that to happen.

My cable Tv was okay too. But if they had cut my service, it will be a couple of days before it went kaput too. Then, I decided to try again and switch the power on and off back again and I look at my Cable lights. It take a couple of mins for the 4 yellow lights to light up. Then, I on my laptop again and quietly prayed.

Ah, then finally, I saw the elusive orange light on my cable modem. Then, my heart was racing. Have GOD answered my prayer?

Yes!!! Yess!! Yess! I shouted triumphantly.

My Yahoo automatically sign me in and the sweet sound of yahoo music blurring loudly. That's why I let my Yahoo to automatically sign me in and also at the same time will start playing the music. So, that I know if my internet went kaput for whatever reason.

I called my gf to tell her that my internet is back on. I survived for another day online. Before that I was already planning my backups. I mean my backup plan to ask for her help to look after my online business. There's a couple of site that's making me money and it need attention. But, since, my Internet is back on. All is saved.

Ahhh...the Internet, how can I live without you?

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