Monday, June 06, 2005

My body hurts

Yes, my body hurts. Most of all it's my shoulder that hurts. And, why the hell not? On my last sunday RT (re-training) , I've learned a couple of new exercise trainings for specific body parts with weird names. Ever heard of "Buddha Claps", "Chicken Backside"??

I have been doing RT for almost 10 years. Recently, after a couple of years "AWOL" I decided to do my compulsory RT. The first day, I realized a lot of things have change with new type of warm-ups. It's so new, I keep looking at others doing it first before, I manage to follow it.

Anyway, last sunday training. We did the "Buddha Claps". You sit on the floor cross legged. Then you clap your hand over your heads 50 times. Well, at first, I thought it was nothing since all you have to do is clap your hands over your head right? BIG mistake, by the time we counted up to 20 I was ready to give up and had to freaking force myelf to claps! 50 claps over your head and till now my shoulder hurts. I hope there won't be any clapping tomorrow for my tuesday sessions. Next, was the "Chicken Backside". We bend down holding our ankles. Then when the PTI (Physical Training Instructor) whistle, we move our butts up and down. You can feel your thigh (quads) getting hot, burning sensation. By the 10 whistle or so, I had to stop doing it cause I couldn't move!

But, it doesn't hurt much today unlike my shoulders are right now. We had to do 3 sets of push-ups, jumping jacks etc. On top of that, we were suppose to do our runnings. GOD, must had pity on us because, there were sound of thunders and we were called back in to the training shed. The reason was, because, in singapore there's a lot of incidents where people were struck by lightnings. So, all training outdoors would have to hold until there's no more thunders. Lucky or the act of GOD? Ehehe..

My necks hurt too. Not becauce of the training but I didn't sleep well. I also came to realize that I like the sensation of the pain. Because, I used to do weight trainning and if you do a certain exercise for a certain body parts e.g. biceps, triceps, quads, shoulders that mean you did the exercise correctly and you had work the parts you were aiming for. I actually like running too, off tracks. It feels good, well okay, I'm not a good runner. But, I like the adventurous aspects of it. If my heart were strong, I would have love to run regularly. Nowadays, I'm lazy anyway. That's why, in a way doing all this RT is good for me, cause I'm FORCE TO.

Everyday, I take a look at myself in the mirror and check for any improvements. Well, since I had to do the trainings might as well I check up on any results right? I still think, they made us do too little stomach trainings. I know, I need a lot of that. I guess, running would help me lose weight anyway. Well, I have to go 2 months trainning. That should help me get in shapes or least make me a little fitter.

Alright, got to go to do some website promotion. Till tomorrow...

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