Friday, June 03, 2005

My Grandfather died this morning

Here I am, wide awake on my laptop at 7:33 am.

My brother woke me up just now informing me that my mother had called from Malaysia to tell us the news that our grandfather (at my mothers side) just died. I check my handphone, if she had tried to call me up earlier. She only sms me to inform me about the death.

To tell you the truth, I already kind of prepared for his death. Well, he was already old and sick. Although, I didn't followed my mom yesterday to go back and visit him. I could sense he could die today. I'm actully surprised he is still alive till today. My grandmother and grandfather on my father side died around 7-10 years ago. Couldn't remember the exact year. Didn't know about it until my father and I went back to visit my grandfather 'kampung' (malay name for village).

That's the problem when you and your grandparents are living in two different countries. Me living in the city of singapore and them in the village of malaysia. So, right now, I'm not sure if I want to cry or laugh at their death. Well, maybe not laugh or I will be certified as a crazy insensitive man. Don't expect me to shed a tear though. I wasn't really close to them. In fact, haven't visited my grandparents on my mothers side since like 15 years, I think. Never really thought of them until today.

I was actually expecting my mother's brother in-law to die soon. He's been in and out of hospital this past months. I visited him last month. Looking at him, old, weak and sick, it won't be long, I thought to myself. Got news the other day, he was hospitalised again. My mother visited him and ask me if I want to follow her. I said, "No". I already know his condition, and am still waiting for him to reach the end of his roads. Sound, kind of cruel but death to me is a fact of life. When your time is up, you can never escape from the angel of death. You should be prepared.

My father and I've been talking about preparing to die. He is also right now, living in the other side of the causeways. Living in malaysia. Although, it's nearer then my grandparents who is a couple of states up. We talk about saving some money for our own funeral. People been talking about that. I think everyone should be prepared to die. Like writing wills etc. So that, your family will have some sorf of monetary supports or whatever. You never know, when your time will be up. You never know how important preparing to die is, until you really look at it.

Well, that's it for now. Everybody is calling me!

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