Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Guantanamo Bay what?

I don't know what's the fuss with Bush Administration is. Why set up Guantanamo Bay? I mean, even in Islamic law if really they are terrorist and bomb and killed innocents people or whatever. I'm pretty sure it's "off with their heads!"

It ain't pretty but it works. That's what Islamic law is about. You're either guilty or not guilty. And the sentences is swift and straight to the point. There's NO 'maybe' in Islam.

That's HOW you wipe out the world's problems today such as AIDS, POVERTY, RAPIST, CRIMINALS etc etc.

You have to nip the problem at it's bud. As a muslim we also believe in Jesus (peace be upon him) and we believe he will come back to 'settle old scores'. The prophecy is said that he will help destroy all desease, poverty (there will be no poor people) and other problems. And of course he will use the Islamic law as bases for his judements. So, that prove Islam is the real religion that GOD has accepted and GOD's law is man's law. But then, Jesus die (for real) and man as always will begin to forget about GOD again.

Finally, everyone will become an atheist (my own theory) and the 'horn' will be blown by GOD's angel and the whole universe will be destroyed. Man will be destroyed and be brought back to life for judement day on the second blow of the 'horn'. There's no doubt about it, every single one of us will be judge on what we have done in our lifetime. Of course, all atheist will go to hell and stay there forever. Know, who will be with them? Lo and behold satan!

Satan will be brought to them and then satan will said, "don't blame me for guiding you towards turning your face in believing in GOD. You had a choice and you choose to believe me rather then GOD's messengers." (that's not what satan really says, but you get the point huh?)

Then, an atheist ask a muslim, "I thought you believe in GOD but how come you are down here in hell with us?"

Like I said everyone has to answer for his own sins, even muslim. But, then GOD take away the muslim and return him to heaven for him to reside forever in bliss. Because of his faith. FAITH is a gift from GOD that will save you. Even if you weigh 'FAITH' and a mountain side to side. FAITH will be heavier. Even if you weigh 'FAITH' and mountain of golds side to side, FAITH will be heavier. It's the most important thing to 'own' in this world in fact the universe!

If you have it? Don't lose it...

Guantanamo Bay? Bahh humburg!

See you in hell!

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