Thursday, June 09, 2005

Passion and Patience

One thing I've learned in being an online marketer is that you need a whole lot of passion and patience. Saying that, I believe that in everything we do we need that ingredients. Let say for simplicity sake that you have passions for sports for example soccer. If you want to be among the best player in the world you need a whole lot of passion and patience. If you have passion but no patience then you might fall flat on your face before you even reach anywhere near your dreams.

If you have patience but no passion? Well, why the hell are you in that game if you have no passion for it right? So, for me, as an online marketer, I do have passion for what I'm doing. Although, I didn't know it in the earlier stage of my ventures. You see, for a long time, I wanted to start my own business. Because, I realized that working a 9-5 day job is not to my liking. I hate waking up so freaking early in the morning. Catch the bus, and reaching my work place tired even before I started work!

Add to that, in my work place, no matter where I work, you always have to endure crapz. Either from your colleague or supervisors or whatever. That's why, I've been in and out of jobs every few years. I even tried looking for job that doesn't need me to interact with anyone much or that I have to use my brain. I just wanna work without having to think or anyone disturbing my work. Most preferabbly for me to work alone. I guess, working alone at home doing my own thang is what I've been looking for all along.

So, one day, while at work surfing the Internet. I discovered that there're people making money online. A whole lot of them at home! I was curious. From then on, I learned everything there is to know about how to start your own business online, how to create website, web copywriting etc etc. Even bought their courses and get free ebooks. I joined one program after another. Sometime, I make money, sometime I lose money. I guess, in any business ventures online or offline it's the same. You make some, you lose some. Nevertheless, I was hook!

I found out, it was kind of fun dealing with people online. I can even choose whom I want to work with. I met a lot of people and make some friends. Mostly from the US though. Homebase business in the US is booming, that might be the reason there're more american then any other country who prefer to work at home. Fine by me. The Internet is literally, making it easier for you to interact with people from all over the world. It's actually easy to set up your own biz online then the normal brick and mortar company. There's no big upfront cash. If you compare it to setting up a franchise you need approximately $50,000-$100,000!

Where the hell, you think most of us going to get that load of money? What if the business fail? Do you have backup? Mortgage your house? Not me. I'm not that too crazy!

That's why the Internet is practically the easiest way for anyone to make money online. Even if you don't have a product of your own. Don't even have a website? Join affiliate program that's free to join and you can start promoting. You make a sale, you earn cash. Not making any money? So what? It's not your company. You're only doing it for commission money right? There're a lot of money making programs out there that you can join. Just go to Google, do a search on a product or service you like and chances are a company are looking for people that will help them sell or recommend their products online or even offline.

It's pretty much up to you really. If you think you have a great job then stay with it as long as your company want you. If they retrenched you, you can always find other job right? Tell that to the retrenched people or who had been fired. Nowadays, it's hard to find a good job that pays well. You might have to take a pay cut. As long as you can have a job right?

Every year, kids get out of college, universities, management school etc. For survival, companies need to either upgrade your skill and knowledge or they get younger generation who can do a better job with less pay. I'm pretty sure you know what outsourcing means? That mean the job that you use to do are given to others that can do the same job with less pay. That won't ask for medical leave, paid leave, holiday leave or whatever. You can't really blame them though, the sole company survival is important. No company, no jobs and the country economy suffers.

I once work at a company that send us for a manager course. No, I'm not working as a manager but the company thought that it could benefit us. For me, I like learning how management think anyway. Okay, I must say, I learned a couple of good point. We were coached or rather teach by a retired manager who started a couple of successful companies.

On one of his sessions, he gave us an example about the story of a frog. I'll try to tell it as I can remembered it. Here goes..

There is a frog that was caught and put inside a cool pot. The frog felt nice and comfortable. What it didn't know was that it was going to be one of the menu for someone dinner. Anyway, the Cook slowly heat up the pot. The frog didn't really feel a thing at first but, it did realized that it was getting kind of warmer. But, what the heck it sure feel damn nice. The frog thought. The Cook then slowly raise the fire up a notch. Still, the frog didn't bulge. It was getting warmer and nicer. Of course the frog didn't realize it but in no time at all, the frog was cooked alive!

I'm not sure about you but, I'm not eating any frog boiled or fried!

What's the moral of the story?

Don't be too comfortable with your life. Always be prepared for the worst. You might have a job right now, but down the line you won't be able to work anymore. I know, the same company retrenched my own supervisor who had work there for almost 25 years!

Even my manager wasn't spared the retrench batton.

For whatever reason. I'm not cursing you or anything. But, it will happen right? One way or another the company had to let you go or you wanted to quit. Who knows? It's good to be prepared for the future. It's good to have something to fall back on. But what?

If you still don't get it then I must be wasting my time writing this post. It's the Internet dummy!

There're a lot of ways to make money online. Just find whatever you think is worth your time and join it. Promote it and make money. If you like your job stay with it. But, once you think you're making more money then what your company are paying you then you can opt to quit anytime. It's your choice. My advice to you though, make sure you're at least earning more then enough. Instead of your boss firing you, you'll be the one firing your boss!

Right, it's almost 7pm right now. They're showing the replay show "Friends" soon. Hey, I didn't watch some of the show the first time so, it's time for me to catch up!

Tonight, there's a new show called "Lost". It's a two hour show premier and looks gory, dangerous, illicit and interesting. I don't watch lame show. So, this is something new.

In the meantime, think about what I've post here. Also, take a look at this business opportunity that I'm with. Click here for more info!

Dream a better future...


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