Monday, June 13, 2005

I'm a modern hermit

I've been thinking of a good title and what to write about on this post today. So, I finally decided to put the title "I'm a modern hermit". I thought of this while in the toilet. Before, you say yucks, take note that a lot of well known figures, discover the answer to their problem or projects while bathing or whatever inside the toilet. Hehe. Can't really remember any names to put here but it's true.

Anyway, why do I called myself a "modern hermit"? Because, eons ago, hermits or in a sense thinkers, always like to stay somewhere there won't be any other human distractions. They stay in caves high in the mountain. Where there won't be any human contacts. Some stay in hidden caves to contemplate about life. Some cultures because they want to gain knowledge and supernatural powers. Some, well, they very much prefer to stay away from mankind.

To my knowledge only man became hermit. Haven't really heard of woman hermit. If you do know any? Just post your comment here.

Just to remind you though, I'm not really a scholar, professor or such. I'm just a simple man who likes to look around and use my eyes to see. Really see. To use my ears to hear. Really hear. To touch things at their essence. I like to think about religion, GOD, human phsicology (did I spell it right?) etc.

I read a book Entitled: "Talk Your Way to the Top". It's an interesting book. If you could get a hand on it. Read it through. It teach you how to talk to people. See their reaction. To know what kind of a person you are talking to. I've learned that there're basically 4 type of people. This might describe what kind of a person you are. See if it matches you below..

1. A Thinker - Someone who likes to analyze things, think things through (think senator Kerry).
2. A Relater - Kind of a kind, quiet person who will listens to you. Take care of others feelings etc. Think of someone who you think is a nice person. Always took the time to listen to you. Aggree with you.
3. A Socializer - Who thrives on being with people. Who likes to party. Enjoy themselves.
4. A Leader - A doer. Do first think later. Make decisions that sometime is a BIG mistakes ( think President Bush) it goes with the territory. A person who can lead.

Take note, that the above are just an example. You might look at a person and instantly know what kind of a person he or she is. You will then know how or why someone act the way they are. How they talk, walk, interact with others.

So what am i? I'm a thinker of course. I like to analyze things. I like to look at people and study their behaviour. I like to stay to myself rather then mix around. I'm definitely not a socializer. I don't like party, drinking, smoking or mix around with people that do. Although, once a while I like to joke around and have fun, visiting other country or places. Only because, I like to learn new things. That's why I like watching Discovery channel, National Geographic.

I can also be a relater, because, normally, I don't like to talk bad about others behind or in front of them. I could be a pacifier, comforter. I like to pacify "hot" situations between individuals. Pacify those who need it. Give encouragement etc.

Am I a leader? I discover that I'm not good at being at the forefront. I can give decision but after careful listening to inputs from others. I'm not a good natural leader though who can lead without second thoughts. Give decision in a flash when it's needed. Being a leader you need to have the confidence. You should be comfortable talking to others. I'm not good at talking. Although, I seems to have the potential to be a leader. But, in the end I don't have the interest to leads. I prefer to be at the back of the scene.

So, in short, I'm a modern hermit. I stay in recluse inside my room. Not caves, well if I can access the Internet from my caves dwelling I might be interested. Anyway, my house are mostly empty. It isn't noisy here even if there's a carpark in front of my home. Occasionally, airplane fly by but that's about it. It's nice and quiet here. Just the way I like it. It's a hot quiet sunny afternoon and this to me is heaven on earth. Silence is bliss as they say...

Have a good day!

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