Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael Jackson Acquited of all charges

If you haven't know yet, Michael Jackson is acquited of all charges. I'm a neutral. I don't know who's right or wrong. I don't think I even care. If he's wrong, sooner or later he'll get what he deserves but if he's not in the wrong and instead people only want to take advantage of his kindness then they too will receive what they deserves. On my part, I cannot speculate merely on conjectures without real knowledge of what really happens. They know it themselves.

What is also known is Michael is in debt. I think for him to earn so much money, he's an idiot in finance. People work hard to save money and he waste his. Celebrity seems to enjoy wasting money on mundane stuff.

One celebrity I like is David Beckham, english soccer player. I don't know who handle his financial but they sure know their work. He's now reported to be a multi-millionaire earning on-field and off field. I don't think there's any other footballer in the world that can come close to how popular he is. How hyper rich he is not just from getting paid to play soccer but getting paid to market sponsor products!

There's even a study course done on him in universities!

Why is he so popular? Beats me. But, I think mostly because he have the likeable character and face. Also, I believe he had help in marketing himself as a 'product'. Goes to show what good marketing can do for you. Hehe.. if only somebody out there would like to sponsor me (anyoneeee out there!!??). Well, I don't think I have what it takes anyway. Sigh! Some guys have all the luck!

I do respect him for that. I respect him for his sensibility. In handling his finance, in taking the advantage of his popularity to make more money. Hey, you can't play soccer forever. One way or another you had to find a way to make money when you retire from soccer. A soccer player lifetime is short. Shorter then you can say.."bend it like beckham!".

Here's a low down on what Becks make on his new "Real Deal":

What he will earn next year:
GB$90,000 a week

Bonuses: Success pays -

Commercial Deals/Shirts:
GB$7 Million

Book and Media Work:
GB$1 Million

Personal Sponsors:
Marks & Spencer
GB$13.1 Million

How (Real) Madrid use Beckham: Tours to Asia - provided Bechkam plays
GB$13 Million

Club Kit - Adidas Extended their deal by four years for an extra
GB$15 Million

Club Shirt Sales - Beckham kit sales: 4 out of 5 REal Madrid shirts sold carry Beckham's name and number.
GB$15 Million

Source: Sunday People
GB$1 = $3.03

I had watch him play since he was with Manchester United. Can't remember when was that. 8-9 years ago? That time I like the style he play. I like his industrial play from midfield. I like it also that he scores once a while. I like to play from midfield too although, I don't have the fitness he have. I have the knack of striking the ball to score whenever I have the bal upfrontl. Like a striker instincts. Thats what my friend told me anyway. Mostly though, I like midfield players that like to strike from the middle of the park. A good passer of the ball.

I don't think I've seen that kind of midfield player anymore. Not since beckham. But, beckham doesn't play like he use to. Now, he either play on the right or in the holding midfield. Well, time changes. The style of play changes. Now, I like Chelsea as a team rather then individual player. I like the manager Maurinho then the player!

Funny, I start with talking about Michael Jackson and now talking about soccer. Talking about soccer, I think next year will be the Fifa World Cup where the world's best soccer player, playing for their country will fight for the World Cup championship. So, who will win? The favourite will always be Brazil. But, I don't know. It's going to be tough. I'll talk about it later when the times come. For now, it's almost 12pm. Time to take a bath and drink my coffee!

Later, I will be going for my IPPT test. Got myself a redbull. Hehe. Although, I will only go through the motion but it'll perk my energy up to go through it all today.

That's all for today. CHiozz!!

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