Monday, June 20, 2005


Just came back from watching Batman today. At the end of it all, I feel as if I'm not watching a Batman movie. It's as if I'm watching a new action movie with all the bell and whistle,.. without the bat. But, I love the car though, if you could call it that. I can feel the power of the vehicle as it jump from one building to another, ramp over police cars and powered away on the highway. Boy, would I love to be on the steering wheel of that 'monster'.

The fighting is pretty cool though. They look like ninjas trainning. With the sword, strap behind their back and wearing black shirt and mask. When I saw liam neeson, I immediately remembered him as the jedi master giving guidance to his student in star wars. I was surprised when it turn out he was the bad man trying to destroy Gotham (God Damm?) city. That was a nice surprise.

Okay, I like mistical, (japanese) sword fighting, action movie. So, I will give this movie a thumb up for those who like this kind of genre. Way, cool!

If you haven't watch it, you're missing out.

Cherios for now!

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