Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Does this look like the picture?

I was eating at a KFC eating outlet in Funan IT Mall with my gf. While eating we saw a guy at the counter bringing his burger and showing it to the girl serving him and asking her "Does this look like the picture?". He point his finger to the picture of the advertised burger on the board and his burger on the plate. From afar, I see what he meant. It certainly doesn't look as appetising as the picture. The girl told him that its like that. The picture and the real serving isn't the same.

Well, when the manager of the outlet came, he told the guy that it had always been like that. Meaning all this while we have been served not as advertised but a "different version" of the burger. I forgot what happened in the end. My gf said the guy went away asking for his money back. I think the guy got fed-up and go away, wonder if he ever gonna eat at any KFC outlet ever again.

This happen a couple of years back. Untill, now years later, I always joke with my gf and asking her about the food served, "Does this look like the picture?".

To tell you the truth, sometime, the food we were served was not always as advertised. I've been thinking about it. Really, this means all this while we have been cheated by all this eathin outlet or for that matter the company. I mean they build a picture of the food that we want to eat and when they served us the food, it doesn't look as what we/they had pictured it in our head. So, why put the picture? Of course to entice us to buy them. So, when we get a 'different version' of it won't we get mad? I could understand the guy's feeling. Here you are hungry, building a nice picture of the burger with all the bell and whistle and suddenly bam!

There was once, this advertisement on a value meal showing this nice burger and I decided to try it. Little did I know when I ordered it and they served me the burger, was so freaking small a baby could eat it in one whole!

From then on, I learn not to expect more of all this advertisement. The problem for me is that, when I want to order foods, I always look at the picture. I don't like reading the menu. I prefer looking at the picture and see how nice it look. I also prefer to show them the picture when I'm ordering. My gf always complained that she's the one who's doing all the ordering and talking. Hehe. Well, I don't like doing things the complicated way. I like it simple. My gf always like to order and change things around. She'll want to change the drinks, the fries, the chicken!

That's why, normally, I just shut my mouth and let her do all the talking. She'll then ask me if I want this and that and that and this. As per normal, I look at the pictures and told her what I wanted. She'll ordered, change things around and then ask me again if I want anything else. As always, I'll said no, just order the food that I wanted without changing anything. When it comes to eating, I'll eat anything!

And of course, I want the food served the same way they advertised it.

What can you say, I'm a simple man wanting a simple meal. That's the problem with me. I want everything to be simple and direct. I don't like to go through the loop to get what I want. That's how I approach everything else in life including how to make money online. I look at a business opportunity and look at it straight at the heart. If I think it's easy to make money. How they pay etc then most likely I'll join it. If not forget it. Me being an International member, I don't like checks. It could take weeks before that check reach me and then when I want to cash it out it would take another couple of weeks again. When I make a sale and get commissions out of it I prefer to be paid immediately or via a secured payment processor. It's easier that way and much faster.

Some people approach life in an entire different way. That's human and that's life. If everything is the same, life as a whole will be sooOOoo boring. But, that's also why there's war, murder etc. We are created to learn and get to know each other instead we fight each other because of our differences. Puny man with their puny brain. Sigh...whatever.

Annnyyywaaayy...the next time you go out for lunch, dinner, supper or whatever. Just take a look at the picture of the food advertised and the food they served you and ask yourself or your partner, "Does this look the same as the picture"?


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