Thursday, June 16, 2005

Police still looking rest of body parts

Earlier in the day, I posted about body parts found by a cleaner at Singapore kallang river in two separate boxes. The police till now are still searching for the head and the legs of the woman. Maybe in another box?

Maybe the killer had decided to disposed of the head and legs another way. To avoid being ID by the police. By now, the killer would have been watching the news for updates. Maybe, he/she has run away to the neighbouring country (malaysia) by now. If I was the killer I would have done that. Maybe run all the way to thailand and lay low. I'm not sure if the body of the woman they found have err..hands. They can check her fingerprints and discovered her ID in no time. Even if they can't find the head.

I should think that the killer is a man. As the murdered is a woman. Don't know what her age is but, as always the killer might be around 25-39 year old male. If you know her race you might know the race of the killer too. What did the killer use to cut the body up? Well, I'm sure the police can find that out by doing post-mortem on the body. The killer might have done it in a moment of folly and weighing his options decided to cut the body out and put it inside a couple of boxes and throw it down the river. The police will check by the flow of the river from which way it came. I think if you had wanted to disposed of the body you should have buried it. There're a lot of quiet places here you can bury a dead body. Why throw it down a river? Maybe, the killer didn't think through his decision.

Does the killer have accomplice? I don't think so. Or maybe he/she has. Remember, for now the police found two boxes that contain the body. They're still looking for the head and legs. Does the killer have a car? How the heck did he carried the boxes then? You can't just carry it everywhere. Many people will see him/her. The cleaner found the body around 10am if I'm not wrong that mean the killing might had be done last night or wee hour of the morning. Are both the killer and the murdered related? Husband and wife? Lovers? That might help to discover the reason behind the killing.

More questions, more answers needed. For now though, I'm going to watch the show "Lost".

I'll try to update the latest news about the killing here. For now, stay safe...

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