Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Miss Universe?

Okay, my friend is pestering me to watch the Miss Universe and comment on it. Especially the bikini section. I don't know what the fuss is about Miss Universe. I haven't watch the show for a long long time. Wonder, if I had ever watch it? Who cares!

I only watch on the news about Miss Canada winning the Miss Universe and that Miss Indonesia will soon be branded a whore when she come back to Indonesia which have the most populas muslim in the world. My friend says that there's nothing wrong with Miss Indonesia wearing the bikini on stage. It's not as if she's naked. The problem is million of muslim watch that show and seeing a "muslim" women half-naked is really like she's wearing nothing at all. That's how conservative muslims are. It was prophecised by the last prophet that, soon in the future (now), woman will be wearing cloth but as if she's not wearing anything (bikini etc).

Now, this is a prophet, a messenger, the last messenger of GOD that prophecised a couple of things that would happen in the future. At that time, people didn't understand what he meant but, if you read all his prophecy, you will realized that part of it already happened. Soon, more will come to light and if you care about what happen to you in your afterlife, take heeds.

Right, back to the Miss U. To tell you the truth, when I see a pretty woman, I'll acknowledge that. Like others though, I have my own prefered taste in the kind of woman. Beauty, in the eyes of the beholder? Yup, true as daylight. For me, I like honest face woman. Beauty, really to me is skin deep. I want to know that it's not just a pretty face, but that she have a pretty heart. I like natural beauty. When I see a woman with make-up it doesnt' excite me. But, I like the princess kind of pink lipstips though. I hate it when I see women coloured or shaped their eyebrows. They look like ghost. I like tall lanky, leggy woman.

I think the closest to any woman I like nowadays is Catherine Zeta-Jones. She's beautiful. The first time I saw her on the movie "Zorro" with Antonia Banderas I literally fall in love with her. Although, I didn't think she is sexy, but that lovely face. Oh yeah, of course, I like sexy woman. Which man doesn't? Maybe, that's why I don't watch the Miss U. Simply, because these woman aren't sexy enough. Beautiful? Maybe, but I hate the competition aspect of it. They all seems so plastic. It's hard to get excited knowing they only want to win the competition at all cost. Miss Universe? Humburg! Miss plastics is more like it.

Okay my friend, that's my two cents worth on your Miss Universe pagent!

Enjoy the show!

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