Friday, May 27, 2005

Cannibalism, alive and kicking

I'm watching a show right now on Geographic channel about animal cannibalism. I've watch a couple of shows with the same topic but, it still seems scary to me. The first time I've heard of it, I was a bit sceptical. But, it's true. Although, they're more on survival instincts then anythting else let say for the fun of it?

The other day, there was a show about cannibalism that happens in the amazon. The reason was they were afraid of witch so they killed the witch and eat 'em before the witch eat 'em. It's freaking everywhere. For one reason or another cannibalism happen and it's still happening. It's kind of sick but, that's life. There's even cannibalism within fish!

I'm beginning to feel sick of life on earth. There's so much rubbish happening that, I'm glad there's a heaven above that I can look forward to. Of course, if I ever get there. Sigh!

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